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"If SRK built six pack, I can build eight"- Sajid Khan

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Sajid Khan
Sajid Khan may soon lose his funny man image. Instead he may be bestowed with the crown of a man with one of the best bodies in the business, especially in Bollywood.

Don't be shocked as the Heyy Babyy director is seriously working on his physique. So much so that he has already lost close to 20 kilograms in last couple of months and is aiming at reducing further flab as he looks forward to having a well toned physique in a quarter from now.

But why this sudden fascination for coming up with a new persona? Is he deciding to give himself a role in his upcoming film?

"You got it right, I have an important part to play in a film, though not mine. It is for another director and the role offered to me is that of a lead actor in a sole hero project", he says looking directly into your eye. Before you hit the panic button, Sajid breaks into a laugh and says, "Come on, I am kidding. I am not looking at facing the camera for a film. It is just that it was high time I worked on my body as well. After Heyy Babyy especially, I had put on a lot of weight. I had to get in shape pronto before my body started falling all over the place."

"The next immediate step was to get into a strict regime and follow it judiciously. I guess the effort is paying off. Shahrukh Khan has been a great source of inspiration as well. He used to comment that I was not looking after myself at all. Once I saw him in Om Shanti Om, I said to myself - 'This is it'! It is just a matter of taking a resolve and I guess this time around, I am going all out to ensure that the resolve is not broken."

It's not just Shahrukh Khan who is responsible for Sajid Khan's revived interest in body building (even as a 16 year old teenager, he used to work out before he left it all). Sylvester Stallone, well into his 60s, is another actor who has made him look at the one and only Rambo in awe.

"I just saw the latest Rambo yesterday and I have to tell the world that if at all you have been a Stallone follower, go for the film now. It is men like him and Shah Rukh who make your mouth wide open. In clearly his most violent and challenging of the Rambo series, Stallone has been supremely impressive, especially in the way he has continued to work on his body. Just talking about his physique is giving me goose bumps; I am certainly going to watch the film again."

Concluding the conversation, Sajid Khan declares, "If Shahrukh Khan can build a six pack abs, mark my words I will beat him to it and build an eight pack abs."

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