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"The donkey is just a metaphor in Taahan" - Santosh Sivan

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Santosh Sivan
Santosh Sivan spends few of his valuable moments to depict his new film Tahaan.

The subject of your movie is very different. How did you get inspired?
Yes, the movie is actually different, having a very different concept. The movie is not just about the donkey. It's about a boy's journey. In his journey he meets different kinds of people like Anupam Kher and Rahul Bose. It's about a boy wanting his donkey back desperately. The boy does not look or stay in a posh locality. He has seen the world and has met people with different shades. The idea of the film is based on a newspaper article. But unlike newspapers which always pick up stuff which are dramatic or catchy, I wouldn't say this film has a realistic portrayal of the newspaper. You can also put it like it"s a film in which landscapes, too, plays an important role.

The film is about a child's journey. He meets different people. What has your fantasy been when you were a child?
There hasn't been a fantasy as such.

Why is the donkey given so much importance in this film?
I have seen lot of people getting attached to a donkey. A donkey bears the entire load, all the burden, but never complains for anything. A donkey is also strange because it will kick you if you come behind it. So it's all in the movie. The donkey is just a metaphor which is used.

What do you have to say about the characters in Tahaan?
All the characters have played their roles beautifully. Saarika was great throughout and Rahul Bose as usual has done a marvelous job. Anupam Kher is really an inspiration. The shooting was done in Kashmir and the local people have helped us a lot throughout the shooting. The atmosphere was great. People do get scared going to Kashmir, but we didn't really felt like. The place is very beautifully and worth a visit.

What does the word Tahaan mean?
Tahaan's meaning is different in different languages. In some languages it means 'Merciful', in Bengali it means 'Tolerance' while in some other languages it means 'Curse'. Actually here the boy is named Tahaan.

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