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"Vidya is a friend": Shahid... Contd.

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Shahid Kapoor: honestly I don't believe in lucky charms.

Shanaya: how u maintain urself?

Shahid Kapoor : hey Shanaya...honestly I have quite a strict regime...try and work out five times a week...get at least 6 hrs of sleep....i am a vegetarian and try and eat small meals every 3 hours.

Shanaya: R u really there??

Shahid Kapoor: yes i am really there Shanaya.

Farrukh: Shahid all the time you do any solo movie people start comparing you with big stars like Aamir or Shahrukh does that offense you?

Shahid Kapoor : not at all Farrukh....if anything it should offend them because i think i am still very very new...It is very difficult to be able to be successful as a solo actor and i consider myself very fortunate that i have been able to achieve it so soon.

Priya64: when is ur movie with Kareena&Milenge Milenge releasing??

Shahid Kapoor : that's a good question...i keep asking that all the time as well priya....honestly i don't know when it is releasing but i am sure that it will release late this year or early next year.

nur_kk: Which is yr fav song fr Kismat Konnection?

Shahid Kapoor: i like 3 songs....Aye Pappi, Bakhuda and is this love.

nur_kk: Shahid a few wks ago, we've seen u in a new avatar...the dyed hair with a French beard, is it for yr new film Kaminay? If yes, tell us more abt the film.

Shahid Kapoor : yes it is for my new film Kaminay ....n ...honestly its too early to talk about it ....all i can say is that its going to be something very different from what you have seen of me and i hope that you like it.

Karam_Kapur: hi shahid, you are my icon, what can your fans expect from you in the near future?

Shahid Kapoor : hey Karam...thanks so much...very honestly i am looking at building a long term relationship with my audience,....i feel that every time the audience enters the theatres...they have certain expectations form the film which are largely on the basis of the lead actor....i know people like me in love stories but at the same time i feel with only about 12 films behind me there is so much more that I can discover....i would want the audience to have the faith in my films to give them one watch....and hopefully not know what to expect...and i hope that i can surprise them in a good way and at the same time give them what they like.

Priya64: what are ur fav holiday destinations?

Shahid Kapoor: i like Europe ...i love the combination of old architecture and landscape ...so any part of Europe is good for me.

Kartik: who is your favorite actor and director??

Shahid Kapoor: kartik my fav actor is my father and as for directors i really admire Hitchcock, copola, Satyajit Ray, James Cameron ...in India i like Raju Hirani , Rakeysh Mehra, Aamir Khan, and Shimit Amin.

Arjun.Kapoor: What according to you is the unique selling point of Kismat Konnection?

Shahid Kapoor: Arjun i think its got very good music...its a young, fun film which is quite entertaining...

Priya64: how do u rate ur father..?

Shahid Kapoor: i don't think i can rate him Priya...he is in a league of his own...i just feel fortunate to be his son and to learn from his brilliant performances.

nur_kk: What is yr next release? Is it going to be Paatshala or Milenge Milenge?

Shahid Kapoor : honestly i am not sure which is going to be my next release....However in Paathshala i have a special appearance and i have only shot for it for 7 days....just thought you guys should know abt it so you don't expect more of me in the film.

Riddhi: what do you feel when people talk about the resemblance of u to SRK?

Shahid Kapoor: riddhi..honestly i take it as a compliment but at the same time i believe firmly that i have to find a place for myself and my endeavor is to do that...also i don't take it too seriously becos SRK is 15 years my senior and may be if people ask me this after 15 years hence...i would take it seriously.

Riddhi: if u r not an actor then what would you have been?

Shahid Kapoor: i would have been a good for nothing :)

Shraddha: u won't believe i have watched Jab We Met for more than 76 times. So when did u and Kareena coming together on screen?

Shahid Kapoor : first of all Shraddha...a minute long hug for seeing my film so many times....as of now there seems to be nothing on the cards but if something does come up am sure you guys will get to know.

Ursula Poland: Hi Shahid, I'm from POLAND, we love you here :)

Shahid Kapoor : hey Ursula....great to know that i have people who see my films all the way in Poland....will make sure every film of mine releases there.

anu4sanju: what do you have to say about your new movie Paatshala where u play teacher ya what?

Shahid Kapoor : well yes its a friend's film anu...and i have a special appearance in the film and yes i do play a teacher...it was quite fun actually.

Arjun.Kapoor: Any scenes from Kismat Konnection, which are memorable to you?

Shahid Kapoor : Arjun...i like the emotional scene between me and vidya pre-climax and also all the comic scenes with me and vishal were good fun.

Arjun.Kapoor: Were you surprised when you first heard that Vidya Balan was going to be paired opposite you?

Shahid Kapoor : yes Arjun...people did have a different perception of her as she has always done roles like Parineeta but Aziz uncle was really convinced and I had full faith in his conviction.

nitesh_shahani: When r ur planning to get engaged?

Shahid Kapoor: nitesh yaar...pehle ladki toh dhoondho lo.

Zafar: shahid i m damn sure u r the next Bollywood king after Shahrukh khan.

Shahid Kapoor: thanks zafar...hope that i can live up to your expectations.

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