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"Vidya is a friend": Shahid... Contd.

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Karam_Kapur: what u think about Imran and JTYJN?

Shahid Kapoor : honestly i haven't seen the film...really looking forward to seeing it though.....have heard such good things about the film and Imran....whatever i have seen in the promos he looks really promising.

Karam_Kapur: Will the fans get to see you performing live anytime soon?

Shahid Kapoor : hmmm...karan...there is nothing on the cards right now but i love live shows and as soon as i get the opportunity i ll try and do something.

Pria: Hey Shahid. It is 4 in the morning in New York and I'm not a morning person but I woke especially to chat with you:) As much as I loved Ishq Vishk and Jab We Met, I absolutely loved your performance in Fida (you were so badass!). Are you thinking of doing similar roles in the future?

Shahid Kapoor : hey Pria....join the gang....i am not a morning person either and thanks for making the effort....there is a film of mine coming up called Kaminay directed by Vishal Bharadwaj....i have a feeling that film will give you what you are looking for.

Karam_Kapur: What advice would you give anyone trying to break into the world of Bollywood?

Shahid Kapoor : first of all spend some time on the sets behind the camera....learning what films is all about because it is actually different from how it looks then prove to yourself that you are capable of whatever job you are looking at taking up in films and then wish for a little luck.

Karam_Kapur: If you could say 1 thing to your critics, what would it be?

Shahid Kapoor: i make films for audiences....i respect the critics but i wish they would give the junta's opinion rather than a personalized one.

Shubhra: Shahid I loved you in Kismet Konnection, you were the star of the movie, every scene with you was just awesome. Loved everything about you in the movie. Hope to see loads of good works from you in the future, really have huge expectations since you are so good. Love you Shubhra

Shahid Kapoor: hey Shubhra...thank you, thank you, thank you....i promise ill work harder everyday to live up to all your expectations.

Afar: shahid r u love flying kites. if yes than come Pakistan on basant festival.

Shahid Kapoor: ha ha ha well...i have flown kites as a kid but honestly if i do come to Pakistan it will be for the love and support of my fans.

Sheetal: have u heard abt www.shahidonline.net, please do check it out, there is over 2,000 members and they all love u soooooooooooo much, including me!

Shahid Kapoor: hey Sheetal...honestly i have been on the site a few times...thanks for all your love...you have done a great job with it.

DipT: Out of all of the characters that you have played in your movie so far, which one do you believe closely reflects your true personality?

Shahid Kapoor: none of them Dipt honestly...i feel each one of them is a character.

nidheya_shahid: I'm praying hard to god that u bag all the awards for best actor this year!!

Shahid Kapoor: hey Nidheya...thanks so much ...big hug

The handsome: how often do you work out Shahid? What's the key to perfect physique like you?

Shahid Kapoor: i think its a combination of a few things....i try to work out at least 5 times a week...eat meals every 3 hours....try and stay off anything that's sweet of you.

nitesh_shahani: do u like Supriya ji in KHICHDI??she had a really funny role in it:)

Shahid Kapoor: oh ya absolutely she was fabulous in that nitesh

nitesh_shahani: What does Shahid Mean?

Shahid Kapoor: Shahid means witness to the presence of GOD.

Priya64: I m from Bangkok.. i have heard that u have been there a few times already for shooting.. How do u like that place?

Shahid Kapoor: honestly Bangkok is one of my favorite short of holiday destinations because its so close....i Love the people there and i love the cheap shopping.

Sunny: Hello Shahid! Lovely greetings from Germany!!!..do u love partying late night?

Shahid Kapoor: hey Sunny...honestly i dont party too much.

sunny : were you nervous that you will compared with Shahrukh khan as he has worked in all Aziz Mirza movies before this?

Shahid Kapoor: not really sunny ...i wasn't nervous...comparisons are inevitable...what's essential is that the film does well and Kismat has done well so i am satisfied.

apu: y r u sporting a beard?

Shahid Kapoor: its my look for Vishal Bhardwaj's film Kaminay ....i was shooting for it while giving interviews for Kismat.

Fayyazka: shahid any plans for any concert in Dubai.

Shahid Kapoor: well fayazzka nothing on the cards right now but i love Dubai....i guess it will be a good idea to do a live show there...lets see if we can work out something.

NAZIA: Shahid, its my birthday tomorrow and i cant believe I'm talking to u... I've liked you since ur first film and i hope u grow to become even better star than u are right now...i'm a very shy person so i cant really express how much i do appreciate u and ur acting.

Shahid Kapoor: hey Nazia...wishing you a very happy birthday well in advance...wishing you all the luck and love for the coming year...thank you for all the appreciation from the bottom of my heart.

Lots: hey shahid...who is ur competitor?

Shahid Kapoor : my competition is with myself....i guess people will keep coming and going ...sometimes i will be above sometimes below....but with each passing day...if i improve myself i will be satisfied.

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