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"I am a very romantic person" - Soha Ali Khan

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Soha Ali Khan
Starting her career with 2004 released flick Dil Mange More, Soha Ali Khan is still struggling to make her name count amongst the top actresses of tinsel town. Let's try to peek into the personal life of this gorgeous actress

You don't seem to be bothered by rumours?
That might stem from the fact that my family has been in the public light for many years now. Hence we very well know how some sections of the media, especially tabloid, functions and how to ignore them. Some smart people use such magazines for their own publicity by making provocative statements and then denying them later knowing very well that the public has already heard it. So, it doesn't matter what others are talking about.

Who is your favourite personal designer?
I don't like anybody in particular. I sometimes even mix a Versace skirt with a streetside top. I will wear anything that catches my fancy. On the whole, I am a very casual person - mostly you will see me in jeans and kurtis. For the evening I prefer saris.

Do you take advice from your mother and brother before signing a film?
Yes, I always take their view points before signing on any new project.

How well do you jell with your brother Saif?
Just like other siblings, Bhai and I used to fight a lot, but nowadays since we hardly get time to meet each other, whenever we do we have a lot to catch up with. Though we try not to talk about movies, we end up discussing the same.

Your take on Saif as an actor?
He is one great actor and has this uncanny ability where despite playing greyish and negative characters Ek Haseena Thi, Omkara, he does not have the audience hating him.

If given a chance, which of your mother's films would you want to act in - if remade?
Personally, I don't support remakes unless you can better the original. Making that clear, I would like to try my hands at Amma"s Mausam and Amar Prem.

It looks like you are in complete awe of your mom?
You bet. She is such a great lady who has successfully handled both work and family. Besides this she is also actively involved in social welfare. She is also such a great dresser. Even now when we dress for a party I have to be doubly sure to dress as good as she dresses. Compared to her wardrobe mine is nothing. She has a great choice in clothes, bags, shoes, etc.

The success of Rang De Basanti has changed your career graph. Has it not?
Absolutely. I am being offered a whole variety of roles which range from practical to interesting to downright outrageous.

What do you mean by outrageous?
(Laughs) You media folks are always looking for some kind of controversy. What I meant by outrageous were the kind of roles which I would not be comfortable doing.

What do you do in your spare time?
I just love to read anything - be it an autobiography or something interesting like Pulp Fiction (Fredrick Forsyth).

Your relationship with your dad?
Dad and I share a similar nature. While Mom just snaps, Dad and I don't lose our cool easily. I discuss almost everything with him - be it politics, sports, history, religion or just anything under the sun but films.

Can you cook?
If you consider boiling, then I am a cook for I can make very good boiled eggs and pasta. Since I studied in England, I had to learn basic cooking like dal chaaval to fend for myself.

What do your parents think of you?
My parents are very happy knowing that their daughter is very grounded and a smart person who knows what she wants. But being folks, they worry about me and would be much happier if I quit films and went back to my corporate job with Citibank.

Are you a romantic person?
Yes, I am a very romantic person. Although there is no one currently with whom I can be romantic with.

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