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    Sonal Chauhan was asked to pose in bikini

    By Staff
    Sonal Chauhan
    Bhatt camp has again introduced another face to the tinsel town. The bubbly, Sonal Chauhan, is excited with her debuting character opposite Emraan Hashmi in Bhatt's latest flick "Jannat". The path to jannat was not so easy yet not so tough for the model turned actor Sonal. Let's share her bit of journey to the success-dome, forthcoming film "Jannat", Emraan Hashmi and little more...

    Q.: "Miss World Tourism" in 2005 and then films. How was the journey?
    A.: Actually, the year I won the honour, offers for films started coming in my way. Amongst them were offers for "Show Biz" and "Awarapan" from Mahesh Bhatt which I let down. After that he offered me for "Jannat". I liked the story of the film as well as the character I was offered to portray. Then I signed contract for three films with Mahesh Bhatt.

    Q.: Please tell us about your character and the film.
    A.: The name of my character in the film is Joya. She belongs to a small town but her outlook is that of twenty first century. The most important thing about the character is that she is not weak at all. It's accepted that being in love we start supporting the lover all the while and even at the time he attempts something wrong. But she is not a girl like that. She raises her voice against odds even though the man behind that is her boyfriend. She is a bold character. But please, don't take the word bold for any other meaning.

    Q.: In your real life, how are you affected with your character?
    A.: I am truly affected with this character. As human beings, we do learn something everyday in and out. And I guess every film will teach me new things as with each film I'll have chance to play new characters. As far as Joya is concerned, the character has taught me a lot. I love my family exactly the way Joya loves her family. My family is the biggest weakness I have.

    Q.: You have signed a contract with Mahesh Bhatt. Does it include anything like you cannot work outside Bhatt camp?
    A.: Not at all. I didn't sign the contract under any such pressure. Recently, I have signed an unnamed film by Kumar Mangat. On the other hand, my Telugu film "Rambo" will be released in the next month.

    Q.: How is your experience working with Emraan?
    A.: Thankfully, it was nice working with him. Despite been so experienced, he never let me realize that I am novice in the industry. (Smiling) Fortunately, he tried playing prank with me but in vain. Probably I am much intelligent than what he thought me to be.

    Q.: What was the prank about?
    A.: We went to somewhere for the promotion of the film and I remember that Emraan tried to mix something to my juice. But he failed. At the same time we decided to frighten one of the unit members every night. The best way we decided on was to fly away after giving some blank knocks at the doors. One day others tried the same idea on me and realizing it was a prank I didn't open the door that night.

    Q.: Which scene, in the movie, was the most memorable and which was the most tough to act in?
    A.: The pole dancing was the toughest part for me in the film. There were few beautiful Russian pole dancers around me. I watched them dancing and realized about how poor I was performing. But, whatever, the experience was quite memorable to me.

    Q.: "Jannat" is specially accepted as a bookies' film which is absolutely cricket-centric. How much screen space is there for Joya in the film?
    A.: The film is publicized in the way that makes people think about it as bookies' film. But the fact is the love story between Emraan and me occupies the most area of the film and cricket hardly has a part to play on. The love story between us is depicted so well that people will surely relate that to their love.

    Q.: How was your reaction while you came to know that you have to act opposite Emran?
    A.: (Smiling) How should be my reaction! My interest was more in the story and my character than the co-star I was going to act with. Knowing about my character was far more important to me than to concentrate on bed scenes and kissing scenes. I am happy that I am not a showpiece in this film. And I must make clear that the film has not a single kissing and bed scene. Better you watch the film and conclude whether the film has any kissing and intimate scene.

    Q.: You are looking quite hot in the promo of the film. What's your opinion?
    A.: Everyone is telling me that I am looking very hot in the promo of the film. Let me ask you, what is the meaning of the word hot? I am totally covered in dress in the promo. I either am in jeans and baggy short or in simple looking top. I have not shot a single scene where I am in bikini or in such a condition that I cannot watch with my family. I was asked for both the things which I have rejected. Still, I cannot understand the reason behind people addressing me hot babe!

    Q.: What would you like to say about Vishesh Films?
    A.: I am grown up watching films by Vishesh Films. They not only portray their heroines beautifully but also concentrate on beautiful songs. Along with me, most of the people like their songs. At the same time they go for very realistic subjects, too. I am feeling really lucky being a part of their film. As far as rejecting films like "Show Biz" and "Awarapan" is concerned, the stories of those films were not too appealing to me. However, I must mention that I am quite a confused person. I take time deciding on any matter but I guess there is some secret power that helps me making my mind up.

    Q.: Leaving "Jannat", what would be the other film, from the Bhatt camp, which you would feel happy acting in?
    A.: "Woh Lamhe", without any hesitation. The film didn't work well at the box office but it's a different issue altogether. I hope Bhatt sahab will consider me a chance if he goes for any such subject again.

    Q.: Would you like to pose as item girl in films?
    A.: I don't think I have features like item girls. So, the question itself is quite baseless.

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