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Stop piracy to prevent terrorism says Bollywood

By: By: Joginder Tutej, <a href="http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/" target="_blank">Bollywood Hungama</a>
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Over the years, there have been calls made to stop people from buying pirated DVDs. Bollywood has time and again tried to educate a common man that the money lost due to piracy affects the film business badly and results in thousands of people losing their jobs annually. Needless to say, not many amongst the common man have bothered or cared; after all it hasn't impacted them directly and shelling out Rs. 50 on a pirated DVD seemed to be much more lucrative than going out on a family outing and spending more than Rs. 1000 on a movie in a multiplex.

However, the issue appears to be much bigger in the aftermath of the recent Mumbai terror attack. There have been confirmed reports in the past that the money generated from the sales of pirated DVDs is used to fund nefarious activities. While the underworld certainly has a strong connection with piracy, administration has also hinted in the past that a good chunk of it also finds it's way in the coffers of those sponsoring terrorist activities. What this means for a common man is that the small amount shelled out by him on buying a pirated DVD turns out to be quite a substantial amount if one looks at the All India sales of this software. Result? In some part of the world, this chunk of money is used to buy bullets and bombs which comes back to hit you!

Scary? Of course yes! This is why the entire industry has come forward yet again to support the cause of STOP PIRACY. And this time around, the cause is not about 'saving the industry' but saving you - the common man - who is unwittingly buying his own coffin by means of buying pirated DVDs.

Abhay Deol - "I did not know that earlier. I am sure the underworld will have many such sources. The root of the problem is our own prejudices and apathy as a culture. Whether it is the right wing Hindu parties or Muslim parties, innocent people get caught in the cross fire and new terrorists are born. The only way to fight the menace is to start making individual efforts by spreading awareness about such things and respecting the many communities that make this nation."

Abhishek Kapoor - "Piracy is the most potent disease affecting the entertainment business and it's time people stopped buying pirated goods, especially now that they know where their money is eventually ending up - 'As a bullet in their near and dear ones.'"

Farah Khan - "People should be made to realize that piracy is not just killing an industry but it also has a larger perspective to it. When activities related to terrorism are funded through piracy, one can understand the gravity of the situation. Hence, there has to be a bigger call taken for this. After all it is not just about the industry losing crores. In the last 10 days, I have seen that we do talk a lot when things like these happen but I am also worried that are we doing something about it? Celebrities are coming together to file petition and that has motivated me also to do something, raise a voice, bring up an issue, debate! On one end entertainment is anyways costly, then there is so much of tax. In between you bring in piracy. In such a scenario, a film maker making money is a huge thing in itself. Think about it, if piracy is eradicated, how much enhancement we could see in the movie business!"

Imtiaz Ali - "The poisoned cup returns to plague the inventor. A small convenience is adding to the pool of dark forces who are making life hell for us. The responsibility is ours, because the unfortunate truth is that you get what you deserve. Kill piracy before it finds a way to kill you."

John Abraham - "It's a shame if our people buy these DVDs"

Kunal Deshmukh - "Would you steal a car or a bank? Buying pirated DVDs is a crime. Let's not turn a blind eye to our actions. Every action will have a consequence and in this case it will only help the wrong side."

Neeraj Pandey - "I have only one thing to say - Don't sponsor crime. Stop piracy!"

Rahul Dholakia - "True, funds are being transferred of sales from UK and other countries. And I think each one of us has to do our part in this war on terror. The least we can do for the country as responsible citizens is to not encourage any such activities, including paying bribes to corrupt officers."

Rohit Jugraj - "I would like to add that for once if our 'Entire Film Industry' comes together on this and associations like AMPTP and IMPPA along with STALWARTS of the industry submit a Memorandum to the new CM and the Police Chief stressing the fact that this piracy money is being used to fund terrorism, it'll really be taken seriously at this juncture. And what's more, all of us young filmmakers can carry out a signature campaign and various forms of protest marches to keep pushing it till we see it through. Let's not allow this initiative to die down!

Rohit Shetty - "Don't try to tell me that police and administration is unaware about the issue. Come on, everyone knows that. A pirated DVD comes out on the same day as the film releases. I can take you to 10 places in Mumbai where it is so readily available. But when we talk about all of us coming together and approaching the Govt., industry itself starts acting so funny. All these talks about industry being united and coming together in time of need is bull. You call 10 actors, producers and directors and someone or the other will back out because he can't bear to see the sight of the other. It's our own ego and stupidity which is allowing this crime to flourish and help buy bullets that pierce us back. This is why I am proud of the way industry functions in South, especially when it comes to pirated DVDs being available. Try selling a pirated DVD of a Rajinikanth starrer and rest assured your shop would be uprooted from the surface of earth!"

Sajid Khan - "I know this for a fact that piracy is not less than terrorism. The only difference being terrorism kills directly and piracy kills indirectly. Piracy not just kills an industry but also kills entire families by creating losses and recession."

Sonu Sood - "It should be stopped completely. Every pirated DVD helps them in buying a bullet which is used against our loved ones."

Tarun Mansukhani - "After the recent terror attacks we all want to make a change. We all blame our system, our politicians and our men in uniform, but none of us blame ourselves. If we really want to change things then let's stop funding terrorism. We know how they make their money - From us! Let's fight terrorism, say no to piracy!"

Vishal Dadlani - "This never even occurred to me! I'm thrilled at the thought that we can stop part of their funding by doing something so small and personal. I will never watch a pirated DVD again, no matter how badly I want to see the film. It's the least I can do for my Nation."

Vivek Agnihotri - "I have, in the last five years, not seen any movie on pirated DVD and haven't let my kids buy and see pirated DVDs as well. It's like seeing Xerox of Michelangelo."

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