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Watch the unseen portion of Taare Zameen Par

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"Sometimes, you cut out 30 seconds and physically you may have lost only 30 seconds but in headspace as an audience you quicken the pace of the film much more than those 30 seconds," says Aamir Khan while giving explanations for the seven deleted scenes of Taare Zameen Par which are one of the highlights of the recently released DVD of this widely acclaimed film. Aamir's analysis and reasons for deleting the scenes displays a keen mind that's hugely involved in whatever he does. We bring you our interpretation of these scenes.

Loo Bully

It is a scene just after the Maths Test where bindaas Ishaan is extremely pleased with himself for cracking the 3 multiplied by 9 as 3. In his own world, he felt as he was the 'captain' of the ship and that's where his indomitable spirit (which later gets crushed) emanates from. At the school water cooler, a fifth standard student rags him for being a 'duffer'. Ishaan rather than being bogged down shows the bully a trick that he had picked up from his day-out-in-the-city. When the bully gets tricked, Ishaan has a hearty laugh. All's well in his perfect world. A funny montage of a scene that's realistic and ironical in spite of being humorous.

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