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A chat with Ugly Aur Pagli

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Ranvir Shorey and Mallika Sherawat chatting
Q5. Do you like quirky woman in real life?

Ranvir: - Personally, I like quirky women but I am not too sure if I like aggressive women...I like women who have a combination of being independent and being vulnerable. Too independent makes you feel why am I here and too vulnerable makes you feel why is she here?
Mallika: - But Kabir is also sadistic...like when he challenges Kuhu in the film that if you can't do this, you have to be my slave all your life. If anyone hears that challenge, they will be shocked...now please tell people what the challenge was...
Ranvir: – The challenge is to come to college without clothes.
Mallika: – Don't lie...that's not the challenge. (Slaps him again)
Ranvir: – Now this is the last slap Ok. In the film, Kabir challenges Kuhu to go to college in undergarments.
Mallika: – Don't use some words please, kids would be reading this… By the way tell me, which decent guy would challenge his girlfriend like this?

Q6. How's Ranvir in real life?

Mallika: - Oh he is very attractive
Ranvir: – So attractive that she often used to get distracted by my attractiveness...
Mallika: – I loved slapping and bullying him in the film. Everyone knows I am single and no one will even think of me after watching me in the film.
Ranvir: – Unless or until some one is really gutsy. Ranvir – My character is very lazy. He is studying from the last four year in the same class but is happy because he gets pocket money from his parents and doesn't have to do anything in life. This girl Kuhu makes him realize a lot of things. Mallika – Now don't tell the whole story. Basically the film is very different. Something very new. You must have never seen such characters in any film till now. The essence of the film is very different.

Q7. What would you choose between love and lust?

Ranvir: – Love definitely.
Mallika: – I would choose lust.

Q8. Any funny incidents on the sets while shooting?

Ranvir: – Oh Yes, I would want to tell you about one. There is a scene in which I had to ride a scooty and Mallika is sitting behind. She suddenly tells me to stop the scooty because I am riding it slow and tells me to sit behind while she is riding the bike. I asked her if she can ride the scooty well. She said, yeah yeah I can, don't worry. We do this scene. The director calls cut but Madam doesn't stop because there is a bull chasing the red scooty and Mallika starts screaming, I don't know how to stop. We all couldn't stop laughing.

Q9. Is Kuhu special?

Ranvir: –Very special. She is very spiritual
Mallika: – Oh shut up
Ranvir: – Let me complete. Kuhu shows Kabir the outrageous fun that he wants to have.

Q10. Is Kabir special?

Mallika: - Yes. Very special. I hope I find a guy like Kabir.
Ranvir: – No one will bear so many slaps.
Mallika: – Why not? Every couple fight.
Ranvir: – But here its not fighting, literally slapping.
Mallika: – So what? A girl can always slap a guy.
Ranvir: – And a guy can't slap the girl?
Mallika: – No
Ranvir: – Why not? All are equal now.

Q11. What's romance for you?

Ranvir: – A lot of affection.

Q12. How was it to work with Ranvir?

Mallika: – He is superb to work with. Now Ranvir please don't be mean and say good things about me.
Ranvir: – Oh it was wonderful to work with Mallika. Tell me who else would have been ready to bear so much of brunt. She slapped me God knows how many times...
Mallika: – He is one of the finest actors we have.
Ranvir: – And bravest as well.
Mallika: – Yes, the bravest as well. All the girls will fall in love with him after watching the film. My cousin sisters and my mom have already fallen in love with him.
Ranvir: – Who will not like a guy who takes so many slaps and that too aaram se?

Q13. What is good bad and pagli about Mallika?

Mallika: – For that you will have to watch the film
Ranvir: – No personal questions. Is it?
Mallika: – Yes... The interview is over now.

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