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A chat with Ugly Aur Pagli

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Ranvir Shorey and Mallika Sherawat chatting
Off-late Ranvir Shorey and Mallika Sherawat are more popularly referred to as Ugly Aur Pagli. After all, they star in this quirky romantic comedy, which opened across cinema halls yesterday (Aug 1). If the promos of the film are anything to go by, it will be quite a sight to see Mallika get completely 'Talli' in the film. As for poor Ranvir, he will have to pass through 99 odd slaps to get that one kiss from Madame Sherawat. In keeping with the mood of the film, Bollywood Hungama caught Ugly Aur Pagli (meaning Ranvir and Mallika) having an interesting tÊte-À-tÊte and answering some really funny and outrageous questions in their own wacky way. Enjoy!!!

So, who's Ugly and who's Pagli here?

Ranvir: - Mallika is Ugly...
Mallika: - I'm Ugly&Ranvir is Pagli... (Laughs)
Ranvir: -Yes, I am Pagli and she's Ugly... (Mallika slaps Ranvir) Was it done nicely?

Ranvir: - Now this is exclusively for you guy…A role reversal... (Ranvir slaps Mallika) I have had a lot working on this film. In the film, I am Ugly (obviously)&she is Pagli (not so obviously).
Mallika: - What's not so obvious about it?
Ranvir: - You are hardly insane...
Mallika: - Please Ranvir...You are too old fashioned...
Ranvir:- Are you insane???(Mallika confesses she is insane slaps Ranvir again)

Ranvir: - Now this was the second slap
Mallika: - In the film, I have slapped you 100 times...more than 100 times actually
Ranvir: - No no, that's only the tag line for the film.
Mallika: - How much ever clarification you give, but you have had some 100 odd slaps...
Ranvir: - In the film? Which film are you talking about? Did we work together in the film? (Mallika makes him wear the devil band)
Ranvir: - When in doubt do something stupid.

Aah! So the beauty and the geek! Is that what are we're talking about here?

Ranvir: - Thank you...I mean that's so nice of you to call me a beauty.
Mallika: - And that's so nice of you to call me a Geek…Psycho Geek at that... But why all the romantic films are so mushy mushy and why cant there be some violence in it? In Ugly Aur Pagli, there's everything, slaps, slaps slaps so much violence you see.
Ranvir: - Yes, Mallika likes it...when she is whacked around a little bit in romance. So, we have taken the same idea to make this film. While making the film, our roles got reversed and I had to bear all the slaps.
Mallika: – I love violence

Q3. Ugly aur Pagli is quite a name for a film! What's the film about?

Ranvir:- Wacky title...Mallika will tell us about it…But it is a wacky title.
Mallika: - Ranvir you tell them.
Ranvir: - Wacky Ugly Aur Pagli...Ugly Aur Pagli Wacky...
Ranvir: - I am sure Mallika would differ on this. She often makes a film in her mind. Ugly Aur Pagli is a story of two brats actually. Kabir, the character I am playing is the only child of his middle class Maharashtrian parents.
Mallika: - Hahahahaha...who has failed 4 times in engineering and who never had a girlfriend and suddenly he gets Pagli who is a Psycho kind of a character, who looks quite hot and attractive but Kabir realizes that he can't stay with this girl and wants to get rid of her but he cannot.
Ranvir: -Yeah, here I am the troubled one. Main phasa hua hoon.
Mallika: – This is a girl who wants to slap her boyfriend at least once in her life...that happens with every woman in the universe, I guess
Ranvir: - And most of them do it. This girl called Kuhu in the film can't talk without slapping her boyfriend. Right?
Mallika: – Right.
Ranvir: - Kuhu is also a brat much like Kabir. She's also the only child of her Bong parents. Hmmm...so I think basically they have something in common but at the same time are very different from each other
Mallika: - Right
Ranvir: - How much do you identify with the role of Kuhu?
Mallika: - Totally. I identify 100% with the role and to prepare for this role I got in touch with the devilish&the mean side of me.
Ranvir: - That would have been easy.
Mallika: - Very easy and great fun as well. I don't understand, in every romantic film, why does the guy have to be this tall dark and handsome, stud type? Why can't they just be normal?
Ranvir: - I don't know why I was cast for this character if someone normal was needed
Mallika: - Good question...
Ranvir: - Tall, dark, stunning, I mean... (Wears sunglasses...Mallika starts laughing)
Ranvir: - As far as the title is concerned don't you think this title has a history...like Heer Ranjha, Laila Majnu, Neal&Nikki, Hahahahha...Ugly Aur Pagli...
Mallika: - Romeo Juliet...Don't give publicity to other films in this interview.
Ranvir :- Arree...those films are already released we don't have any danger with it. Seriously, don't you think we are taking this lineage forward of such names?
Mallika: - With so many slaps? (Slaps Ranvir again)
Ranvir: - This is the sixth time you are hitting me…3 more are left…the 10th one would be from me and that one would be enough.
Mallika: - Don't threaten me...I am not scared.
Ranvir: - Hey...stop slapping me now, the shooting for the film is over. This is real life now.
Mallika: - You keep quiet...Who do you think you are? I will take off your glasses.
Ranvir: - Clothes, clothes...please remove my clothes also.
Mallika: - Koi Tuwang idea dimaag mein aaya na...toh bharta bana dungi... You spoiled my hairstyle
Ranvir: - Don't touch my horns ok.
Mallika: - Just see if my hairstyle is okay?
Ranvir: - Ya ya its nice.
Mallika: - And my horns?
Ranvir: - Those are permanent.

Q4. So is this just another love story or a chick-flick? What's Ranvir doing in a chick-flick?

Ranvir: - Is it a chick flick? No, it's not a chick-flick...it's a love story...its a love story...it's a love story.
Mallika: -Ok...ok...understood...How many times will you say...it's a love story...it's a love story? Ranvir has done lots of crazy things for me in the film...like he's worn my heels...my six inches heels and roamed around with them.
Ranvir: - How do you walk in those heels?
Mallika: - All the girls wear heels n walk like that only.
Ranvir: - I think you girls just constantly balance yourself...No wonder you girls get annoyed with people so easily...someone calls from behind and you trip.
Mallika: - we have to take care of our figure... we need to be in fashion.
Ranvir: - Figure will be maintained on its own...constantly you people are exercising by balancing...the heels.
Mallika: – Exactly! Half the time you had to carry me, what a heavy load you had to carry on your back.
Ranvir: – Yes. That's true… Mallika is very heavy…and I don't mean jus mentally... (Mallika slaps Ranvir) So where was I? A love story…yes it is a love story...it's not a chick flick...there is no 'chick flickish' thing about it.
Mallika: – Kuhu is a little psycho that's all
Ranvir: - Its like the way Kabir is complacent and brattish because of his dotting parents...Kuhu's situation is also the same...Kuhu is one of those girls who tend to get spoilt in a more controlled way...and guys are like more in a "you do it way"

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