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Bollywood babes ready to take on eve teasers

By: By: Joginder Tuteja,<a href="http://bollywoodhungama.com/" target="_blank">Bollywood Hungama</a>
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Recently, Amisha Patel was in news for taking an eve teaser to task by giving him an earful when he misbehaved with her. After being a witness to eve teasing in her locality, she realised that enough was enough and she wasn't taking anything more lying down. Along with her bodyguard, she hunted down the eve teaser and came down heavily on him.

Are other Bollywood women willing to follow the same approach? We pop the question and realise that quite a few of them are even willing to go an extra distance and use their fists or kicks, depending upon the situation. While a couple of them were willing to ignore, forget and move on, majority aren't as kind!

Vaishali Desai - Eve teasing is a grave crime. It is a cowardly act by those individuals who lack morals & ethics. A lot of these cases are on a rise which makes women feel very unsafe. A lot of times women let go in such situations which gives a chance to these eve teasers to misbehave even more. I feel any such incident should not be encouraged & must be immediately reported. Strict action must be taken against such offenders so that they do not repeat such kind of behaviour in the future. Effective laws need to be implemented by the Government to ensure the safety of women. Every woman needs to be treated with respect & dignity and just not an object of male fantasy. So all you women out there, please voice your opinions because it's in your hands to make a difference.

Payal Rohatgi - Well, Indian men or let me say, generally men consider working women pretty easy to lay their hands on. More so, if they happen to be coming from the glamour field. So men with such mentality should be taken to cops as this behaviour of theirs is not forgivable. If someone acted smart with me then I would make sure that he is punished appropriately.

Arsala Qureshi - I would hit them where it hurts the most and leave them dysfunctional for life. I am a great follower of self defence and I can vouch for it that it works.

Priyanka Kothari - I have never faced eve teasing but in the future, if I do come across one such idiot, I would deal with him in the manner in which any eve teaser should be. I would report to the police and make his life a living hell.

Hazel Croney - Well, I often have problems with this because usually I have observed guys following me on their bikes when I am driving or in an auto rickshaw. Basically I try to outwit them by stopping my vehicle off the road while pretending that I am getting out of it. However, if that doesn't work, I even drive in to other people's buildings.

Sabrina Louis - I have reacted differently in different situations. I have actually even thrown someone off a cycle when he tried to act a little over smart. I have reacted aggressively in such situations in the past. But now I know that these eve teasers only want to get a reaction out of us. I choose to ignore them and treat them as if they don't exist. On the other hand, on occasions I have confronted the teaser and scared the living daylights out of him. I am still very much cautious because it only takes a second for a man to touch women's dignity.

Richa Chadha - If someone troubles me then ignorance is not the best policy. See, most eve teasers would try to act smart with you when no one is around. They would touch you or pass lewd comments. In such a scenario, I would make a big scene, create some hungama, abuse this guy, really shame him and call people. Given my experience with guys in Delhi, the city where I have grown up, I have experienced such a situation in the past. I have even hit them strong.

Bhairavi Goswami - I haven't heard anything about the Ameesha incident. I can't comment on eve teasing. Having lived here for only past five years, I have so far never come across it.

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