"Don't expect 8x10 Tasveer to be another Ghajini" - Akshay Kumar


Akshay Kumar tells that he is not a horse running in the Mahalaskhmi race course but an actor, who wants to do his job with sincerity. He talks about his upcoming movie 8x10 Tasveer and discloses what he is expecting from it.

Is 8x10 Tasveer, yet another comedy from your stable?

No. Not at all. It is not yet another Bhool Bhulaiyaa, which also had a sub plot revolving super natural elements. In Bhool Bhulaiyaa, my role was laced with comedy since it was Priyadarshan who is adept at comedy, who was at the helm of affairs as the captain of the ship.

Does it mean that you do not go over the top as an actor in this film?

As far as my role in 8x10 Tasveer is concerned, there was no opportunity for me at all to go over the top, for the simple reason that Nagesh Kukunoor who has directed the film specifically told me that the character that I play in the film does not require me to be so.

Have you tried to be different as an actor in this film?

Yes. I have tried something different as far as my role in 8x10 is concerned and what"s more I am confident about the fact that the fact that I have tried something different will certainly appeal to the viewers who look forward to something different that .I would like to entreat to my fans that please do not come rushing to watch my film 8x10 Tasveer expecting it to be yet another Ghajini. It is not. It is a different film.

First you did action films. Then you switched over to comedies. Why have you changed gears once again now with this film?

I just do not understand what exactly the media wants me to do, as an actor. When I keep on churning out comedy after comedy like Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Heyy Babyy, Singh Is Kinng and Chandni Chowk to China, I am asked why I am always playing safe by taking up comedy roles in comedy films and when I try to do something different and try my hand at doing a serious film like 8x10 Tasveer, I am asked why am I trying to do something different

Is it true that you could not see eye to eye with Nagesh Kukunoor"s style of filmmamking initially when you set out to act in the film?

Frankly speaking, it was only on the fifth day that I found my comfort zone with Nagesh Kukunoor as a director. I became comfortable with him from the fifth day of the shooting of the film. What I liked about Nagesh is the fact that he did not think is film ka kitna business hoga when he set out to make the film but is film ko kitna de saktha hain.

What is your role in 8x10 Tasveer?

I play guy who has the ability to go back to his past. I play a guy who possesses this rare psychic ability to peek into the past. If I were to possess the same ability in my life as of now, I"d like to keep on going to the past and talk to my dad, who I miss very dearly. I wished he had lived to see my success.

To what extent have you worked hard to get into the skin of your character in the film?

I have put in a lot of hard work. I hope that Nagesh Kukunoor who is known for his different approach to film making is able to get me a lot of awards for my acting in his film.

Is it true that your dad and Nagesh Kukunor's dad were friends at one point of time?

Yes.I realized how small the world is when Nagesh Kukunoor told me that his dad and my dad were working together in Delhi at the UNICEF when we were kids at that point of time. I was happy to meet his dad when he had come down to meet me on the sets of 8X10 Tasveer.

Where do you find in the rat race in the film industry as a leading star in the reckoning?

If you ask me whether I am No 1 or No 2, I beg to be different. I would say that I have no interest to be yet another horse running at the Mahalakshmi race course during the races. I have already said this before and I do not mind repeating this ad nauseam, I do not believe in numbers. There are hardly seven or eight actors who are considered bankable in the film industry today. Most of the actors these days believe in doing just one film in a year. There are lot of films which are being made every year but sadly less number of actors to do the films.

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