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Bollywood heroines' future predicted

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With Women's Day round the corner, we take a look at how are Bollywood's strongest women placed for the year ahead and precautions they need to take. Astronumerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi helps us in this regard. Here is the prediction:-

Shilpa Shetty: Shilpa is born on 8th June, 1975. She is a Gemini ruled by No.5 ( Mercury ). Being ruled by the fastest planet of communication, these people are generally very talkative and socially active. Politics is the next step for Shilpa, mark my words ! Being in her 34th year, her personal life is being highlighted and she is most likely to get engaged to her current beau Raj Kundra. Her participation in IPL matches representing 'Rajasthan Royals" would bring mixed results. It can invite a lot of stress.

Preity Zinta: Currently in her 35th year (born on 31st January, 1975), Preity is not likely to have a very memorable 2009. Her health is going to be a matter of concern for her as well as her near & dear ones, but the year 2009 which adds up to No.2 is amongst her strongest numbers, and so nothing will turn out to be dangerous but yes, precautions need to be taken. She should give her career a back seat this year and should rather go slow. Her marriage with Ness seems unlikely as Ness Wadia"s spelling adds to No.29 which represents signs of a person not being very loyal to his / her partner. PZ should spell her name as Pretty Zinta and Ness should spell it as Ness Waddia to bring in mental harmony between the two. On the social front, she wants to do a lot of things but can often get misunderstood. She should just do what she feels is right and never oblige for no reason.

Kajol: Currently in her 34th year (5th August, 1975), Kajol is going through a decent phase of her life but it will be better time for her post August 2009. Kajol"s relationship with Ajay is definitely not a great one but not bad as well. They both are different personalities going by their numbers and so they give each other enough space to grow and do their activities. Ajay"s numbers are comparatively much softer and so it is Kajol who is calling the shots in their relationship. Her next release is Karan Johar"s My Name is Kha". The title of this film adds up no.1 which is amongst Kajol"s best numbers and this film and her performance will simply 'rock".

Sushmita Sen: Born on 19th November 1975, Sushmita has entered her 34th year, which is her destiny number and the year 2009 which adds up to no.2 is the icing on the cake. Her films may work or not, she is likely to receive good reviews and comments from the audience and critics alike. 2009 is the year of Ms. Sen. She has been dating the likes from Vikram Bhatt, Manav Menon, Randeep Hooda to now Mudassar Aziz but still has not found a stable partner. 2009 is the year for her to tie the knot and finally settle down.

Aishwarya Bachchan: She has the 'world" literally at her feet. Passing through her 36th year, Ash is going to have a not so satisfying 2009. She can expect work delays. Even health is a concern. Blood related problems could trouble her. It"s time for her to just relax and take each day as it comes. This year her priority should be 'family first" and even motherhood is a possibility. She should not even 'think" of entering politics.

Kareena Kapoor: Kareena is doubly ruled by No.3 ( Jupiter - 21st Sept. 1980 + her destiny number is also No.3 ) and is a cusp between Virgo and Libra. Going through her 29th year, her personal life seems to be overpowering her work life. Saif and Bebo are diametrically opposite people. He is the sensitive one while she is plain materialistic. They share a common No.5 ( Mercury ) making them both communicative & frank about their feelings for each other.

Their PDA clearly indicates the seriousness towards their relationship, but to me, marriage between Saif and Kareena is not likely to happen. They may remain friends though. 2009 is a good year for Saif to marry while it is not for Kareena. Careerwise, she will bounce back post September. Kareena should involve herself a lot in social activities as it will not only increase her popularity but she would genuinely be good in performing her duties towards the society.

Diya Mirza: This chic has still not achieved what probably she is capable of. This year doesn"t look good either. Born on 9th December 1981, she is in her 28th year which indicates troubled times in career as well as on the personal front too. She should be very careful of attending any events which does not seem too good for her. Misunderstandings, depression, loneliness will affect her growth this year. Take care in all respects Diya. Wear an 'Emerald" and a 'Yellow Sapphire" both above 4 carats to bring speed & stability in life.

Celina Jaitley: This sensuous beauty spends most of her time keeping unwanted elements away from her. This year is no different. Born on 24th November 1981, she is a natural charmer & can keep the audience spellbound with her speech. But she is no good in politics. She is too straight forward and blunt for anybody to please her. She is likely to face a financial setback or a loss due to some major expense. It is 'that" time for her where she needs to take wise decisions be it personal or professional.

Bipasha Basu: This dusky bombshell is born on 7th Jan. 1979 making her a No.7 ( Neptune ) also ruled by No.2 ( Moon - 2-7 factor ) and Nos.2 and 7 again ( 7 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 9 = 34 = 3 + 4 = 7 ). Bipasha has entered her 31st year which is not so good time for important decision making especially if it"s marriage or partnership. She will be in a dilemma whether to go ahead and take the next step or not yet. Bipasha should wait a little longer before entering into a life time commitment. She should take advice from family, friends etc. regarding her future life as she can easily get emotionally attached to anybody soon. She should stay away from any over exposure as she is very likely to attract a lot of negative vibes from people all around her. Careerwise, it is looking much better time for the Bengali babe. All her films may not be 'hits" but she will definitely be appreciated.

Rani Mukherjee: Rani will soon enter her 32nd year. Her next release is Yashraj Films untitled production. 2009 is once again a tough year for Rani. Nor the film or her performance will help resurrect her career. Time after March 2010 is very good for Rani to settle down. She should spell her name as Rani Muckerji for it to vibrate on an auspicious number. It will help her with her personal life in terms of selecting the right life partner for her. As for Aditya Chopra is concerned, her jodi with him is a good one and she should give it a serious thought if there is anything cooking between the two. Rani does not have those smart marketing skills be it promoting her own films or any event, so should stay away from much public glare.

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