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New Year Resolutions for Bollywood

By: By: Arya Aiyappan
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Leaving the threshold of 2008 and ushering in 2009, the time is ripe for New Year resolutions. In 2008, Hindi film industry witnessed a general lull though some movies did make a mark of their own. But the ultimate stars of the show were the 'juicy gossips' which made to the top slots and spread its charm like wild fire by word of mouth.

Analyzing the Hindi movies of 2008 and proclaiming the winner is no longer the order of the day, for stars and their New Year resolutions have usurped that post. When stars make their New Year resolutions, we as audiences are definitely entitled to make resolutions for the industry. Ultimately we are the market segment and it is rightly said that cinema is for the audience.

Flagging off the resolutions we wish that the film industry is cleansed of the unhealthy and despicable fights among the Khans. Is the industry stooping too low that the Khans have to shoulder it? Big B's cold war can hardly be left behind, where age is not a deterrent. Have the Kumars and the Kapoors vanished into thin air? It would be unfair on our part to relieve the female of the species of any blame. While Kangana and Priyanka cannot stand one another, Aishwarya and Rani are the best of foes. Let the industry be rid of these petty and ugly skirmishes. Hope this year they would strive to live up to their goody on screen images and stop being childish. We wish they may at least understand the meaning of the word, “dignity", let alone persevere for it.

Time and tide waits for no man, so too the “age". It is high time that Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan realize that age is definitely catching up on them and that they have to move ahead of the 'Raj' and the 'Prem' fixation. Let this realization dawn upon our dainty queen Aishwarya Bachchan too, who has to forgo many endorsements and rather follow her Sasurji Big B who has mellowed gracefully with age. However it would be worth a sight if her darling hubby Abhishek would focus on his age instead being the paradoxical grumpy youngster who is impatiently waiting to step into his dad's shoes.

If actors are desperate to look younger, then what can one say about our actresses like Kareena Kapoor whose size zero is the talk of the town. If she is not enough then Shilpa Shetty is ever ready to follow the suit. Let us not carve a band of famished heroines, where beauty walks away with the prize while acting hardly qualifies to be a contestant. Sexy is not size zero, but not overweight either. Madhuri Dixit had sensuousness oozing out of her eyes and ada. Many a heart still rings dhak dhak to her seductive performances.

When Salman took off his shirt many hearts heaved a sigh. But not any more! With John, Shahrukh, Aamir, Saif and even Himesh eager to bare their chest, Salman will have to re-think. Buck up and get back to acting, a macho body is no longer your privilege alone.

Actresses are shielding their lovers, lest they be snatched away. Bipasha and Aishwarya grow up, let John and Abhishek toddle on their own. So too will Priyanka spare her boyfriend Harman Baweja instead of being the benign godmother. Bhagyashree can well be her mentor, if she needs any advice. Hrithik the duckling is weaning away from his Papa and treading the world on his own. Akshay Kumar is undoubtedly the complete entertainer. Good going.

Can we have Priyadarshan to realize that there are more to films than mere remakes. It would be most merciful on his part to release his genie Paresh Rawal from the Babu Rao curse. Shahid still has to get over his first love and his first taste of success, Jab We Met. Kismat Connection cannot bring back the Jab We Met charm. The spell is over.

Stories are the stars. If Dostana has given sexuality new paradigms then Rock On has redefined the youth spirit and A Wednesday terrorism. Kudos to the industry that is conquering new heights of glory. Painfully, resolutions are made every year to be broken. However a light still flickers at the end of the tunnel and our hope lives on.

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