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      Dev D is based on DPS MMS scandal

      By Super Admin

      The famous Delhi Public School's MMS case in 2004 has been reignited in Anurag Kashyap's much hyped film Dev D. Dev D is a modern take on the famous Devdas movie. The official website of the movie talks about a character named Leni who is a spoilt brat school girl with hyperactive hormones. After the embarrassing MMS scandal, she is abandoned by her family and is forced into isolation. During this tenure she encounters Chunni, who is a pimp. Leni is a college student by day and becomes Chanda, a high profile escort by night. Driven by coke and cash in her hands she now lives life on her terms and conditions.

      On the Lust line she says, "In school I was a really naughty girl. I hated all subjects except Biology, if you know what I mean. I never studied for my exams but the teachers were satisfied with my orals." The Lust Line is available on the website in four different languages for people above 18 years of age.

      There seems to be a lot of similarities between Leni/ Chanda and the DPS MMS scandal. Both the characters were sexually active in nature. Moreover both were caught in the MMS trap. The only difference lying here is that the girl involved in the MMS scandal was reportedly sent abroad while Leni is abandoned by her family in the movie after having bought a lot of shame to their families.

      The story of Dev D is a modern take on Devdas. While the main lead and the role of Paro and Dev remains the same, instead of the prostitute Chandramukhi, a high profile escort call girl, Chanda comes into the picture. Keeping the modern therapy in mind another difference is that on one end Devdas was a hard core alcoholic; here Dev is a hardcore drug addict.

      Firang actress Kalki Koechlin plays femme fatale Chanda, Abhay Deol plays Dev and Punjabi actress Mahi Gill plays Paro. Anurag Kashyap was unavailable for comment. The spokesperson for the film disagreed saying that Leni's character is not based on the DPS MMS scandal case. The spokesperson also said that they are not trying to highlight that embarrassing incident and the case is not at all inspired by the MMS scandal.

      About the DPS MMS Scandal

      The nation along with the parents, teachers and children received a shock in 2004 when two students of Delhi Public School in New Delhi were captured having sex on camera. This case brought a lot of shame to the schools and families involved and the children involved have been sent to different countries abroad. The case also brought forward the MMS facilities in mobile phone across India.

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