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“The success of the movie doesn't depend upon the star cast.” Manish Gupta

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Manish gupta the New York based writer and director who is new to Bollywood but not in the field of direction as he has made a movie called Indian fish in American waters. Now his next movie which is Karma Aur Holi happens to be a big- fat -Hollywood-Bollywood release. We had a chat with the director about his big film, his future plans et al.

Karma Aur Holi is a very catchy line. The name of the movie sounds confusing, so please tell us what exactly the story is all about?
The name of the movie is intentionally kept confusing so that it creates curiosity among the viewers. The story revolves around six couples who arrange a get together on Holi and then they decide to play truth and dare. As soon as the game starts the story of the movie starts dealing with relationships of many dimensions, their conflicts and resolutions on the day of Holi signifying a new beginning.

Who according to you is the target audience of your movie?
This movie is not made keeping in mind any particular type of audience. It has got so many different types of characters that even college goers as well as the older generations will relate to it and will like it.

Lysa Cooper, world renowned stylist who has worked with Madonna, Shakira and Briteny Spears, has made our gorgeous Ms. Sen look even more sensational. How did you approach her?
I told Lysa about my whole movie and the kind of mixed dresses we have in the movie, western as well as Indian. Lysa got very excited after listening this, immediately said yes to work with me. She desired to design an Indian wear from a long time especially saree is her personal favourite though. She has never designed one.

This film has much awaited film stars like Sushmita Sen, Randeep Hooda, Rati Agnihotri, Suresh Oberoi, Deepal shaw and international model Naomi Campbell, underground rapper Sticky Fingaz and Vincent Pannetta to name a few. Do you think this multi star cast will help your film gain fame?
Yes definitely it will attract the audience initially but the success of the movie doesn't depend upon the star cast. It in the end depends upon the substance, content and appeal of a movie.

Karma Aur Holi happens to be the first Bollywood and Hollywood joint production with main stars from both the industries. Do you think this will be a step further to let 'east meet west'?
Yes it's a step to let east meet west as now it's high time for India and Indian films. The Indian films has to become global and should be recognized everywhere in the world. I fantasize of making a global name of an Indian actor like how Jackie Chan is, as he is known by everyone and everywhere in this world.

What difference you found in working with the actors abroad and Indian?
As I was there in New York from the last ten years so I was much more aware of the working style of the Hollywood actors rather than Bollywood actors. Initially I thought they would be different from them but when we started working together I realized that Indian actors are as professional as the American actors.

What are your future plans?
I am opening a production house named Active Illusions and my next movie is titled as Love Life and Music. I am also planning to enter the television industry as the Indian television industry lacks good content and subject. I have some very new and innovative concepts in my mind.

As your film is based on the clolourful festival of Holi which is just about to come. Tell us about how you personally celebrate this festival?
I celebrate it with my family and friends. I eat, drink and play colours and have a gala time.

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