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Shekhar Kapoor visits Dev Anand after eight years


Shekhar Kapoor has just designed a chandelier for a leading crystal company, which will now go into production shortly. So the next time you buy a Swarovski chandelier it could well be a Shekhar Kapoor creation. That isn"t only sparkle in Shekhar"s life. On his 64th birthday, Shekhar Kapoor decided to pay his indefatigable uncle Dev Anand a visit.

“It was a time of great reflection for me. As I looked back I suddenly realized I hadn"t met this amazing man Dev Saab for almost eight years. I told myself it"s time to learn a little bit about life from Dev Saab. He"s a karmyagi, completely fearless. I admire myself for being completely fearless. But I think he is even more fearless than I am."

Having met Dev Saab after so long Shekhar regrets not being in touch. “I didn"t even meet him after Goldie (Vijay Anand) Saab"s death My fault. I was constantly travelling in recent years. I needed to re-connect with this amazing man who has gone through so many ups and downs in his life and yet continues to be tireless in his enthusiasm to make films. Wherever he goes he"s cheered and applauded. Maybe people don"t like to see his films any more. But the love for the man simply grows wherever he goes."

Shekhar says he loves challenges just like Dev Saab, “Tell me something can"t be done and I"ll do it. Ever since I was a kid I"d swim into the deep ocean. I"d ride the motorcycle the wrong way to see if death can get me. Don"t turn to Dev Saab or me and say something it"s impossible. They told me it was impossible for an accountant to be a director. I proved them wrong."

Shekhar has come away from his meeting with Dev Saab determined to correct the sparseness of his output. “I know I haven"t made that many movies. Look at Dev Saab"s output. But the fact is after directing 'The Golden Age" (sequel to 'Elizabeth") I became keenly interested in New Media. Two guys in a garage got together and conceived You Tube. That made the way we access the world completely different. I started learning and lecturing on New Media because I thought sharing information and not harping on copyrights was the new mantra."

Shekhar says he will now be making films in a row. “There"s no point in doing something unless your heart is in. Right now my heart is completely into making movies, and not the Hollywood comic-book kind of spectacles, please. Such films merely use my skills. And I"m a very skilful visualist. I"ll make the films that I"ll come out of satisfied after two years. I made three short-films that gave me immense satisfaction."

The short films taught Shekhar the value of experimentation. “Why can"t a film be like a symphony? Why are we stuck on telling stories? Nobody looks at a painting and asks what"s the story. I want to make films that make suggestions and create an emotional connect with the audience."

Shekhar is now designing a whole array of art on the theme 'Frozen In Time". “They are all in celebration of how we use water. I had become a water activist, led Greenpeace movements against global warning. I led a conference I designed a chandelier, which will soon be in the market. Now it"s time to make movies."

This birthday Shekhar also resolved to spend more time with his 9-year old daughter Kaveri. “She just decided she will be will be with me on the day because it was birthday. She was my companion to the dinner hosted my Mukesh and Nita Ambani in honour of Sachin Tendulkar."

Kaveri and Shekhar have been travelling extensively together. “It"s fascinating to get into a mind scape so young. Kaveri is inquisitive, defiant and wise. I must say being with her is of prime importance at this stage of my life."

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