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"Radio is complicated" - Shenaz Treasurywala

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She has done it all. A super-amazing MTV VJ, model, travel writer turned actor who had for some years disappeared from the scene. Her contagious smile flutters many a hearts even today after she made a comeback with Aagey Se Right. She is none other than Shenaz Treasurywala. And now, the real life VJ has turned reel-life RJ in Ishaan Trivedi"s Radio where she will be seen sharing screen space with Himesh Reshammiya and Sonal Sehgal.

The multi-faceted artist in a candid interview discloses the reason about her sudden disappearance and also talks about her experience of working in Radio.

Which profession interests you the most after venturing into modelling, acting, and writing?
Modeling does not interest me at all. My interests are varied and as a performer, I express myself in different mediums such as acting, hosting, writing and photography, though, I enjoy acting the most! As long as I can be creative I am happy.

You disappeared after Ishq Vishq and Hum Tum? Was it a deliberate effort?
Being a Bollywood actress was never my single and most overriding or crucial goal in life. In fact I never even thought about it. Ishq Vishk just happened. And after Ishq Vishk, I turned down so many roles, as I didn't like the script or the character didn"t inspire me enough. I wasn"t so keen. I wasn"t even living in India.

What have you been doing all this while?
I was shuffling between Hong Kong and Thailand doing one of my most fun shows called 'Whatever things" for MTV Asia. So, I was not even living in India when I"d get calls for films and I didn't think any of the offers were worth coming back for. After Hong Kong I moved to LA where I was working on an international travel show for Discovery Travel Channel. That was really my big dream. To write, host and produce a show for the Travel Channel in the U.S. That was my careers" highest point till date! The show was called 'Culture Shock". After he show got over, I moved back to India last year, signed Delhi Belly, Aagey Se Right and Radio.

You seem to be totally engrossed and seem to be enjoying your work. Where do you see your career graph moving?
See, I have been so lucky to have so many interests and opportunities in my career. In addition to being an actress, I am fortunate to be an international travel host, a writer, and documentary producer and host. I have done so much career-wise, which has not been solely dedicated to Bollywood and continue to do so. My interests are varied and as a performer, I continue to express myself in different mediums. I don"t want to limit myself to just Bollywood. I am so fortunate to be able to make a living expressing myself in so many ways so I sign what I really like and won"t take on anything unless I"m fully convinced.

Let"s talk about Radio, what is it all about and how does your character figure out in the movie?
It is a modern day love story about relationships today and how they are not as simple and straightforward as they used to be in our parents" time. 'It"s complicated" is most people"s status on Facebook and it"s definitely complicated for all our characters in Radio. The radio station is the backdrop; I play RJ Shanaya who is a crazy, fun loving girl. Shanaya is a Facebook addict and a die-hard romantic. She is very girlish and finds it difficult to deal with her emotions when she falls in love with a colleague from work. The complication is that he has a lot of baggage including a beautiful ex-wife who no longer wants to be his ex. Today relationships are very complex and our film depicts true to life love, marriage and relationship complications.

Are you satisfied with the way your character has shaped up?
Definitely, yes

Movies seem your main focus now…Aagey Se Right, Radio and soon Delhi Belly….how does it feel to be back?
Yes films are my focus at the moment. Delhi Belly, Aagey Se Right and Radio just happened after moving back to India. Now I'm bitten by the bug. I absolutely love and enjoy acting more than anything else and I believe I have talent and I am a skilled actor. It feels good to be back.

A lot has been spoken about the music which is very contemporary.

What"s your take on that?
Radio is definitely Himesh's best album ever. The music in our film is outstanding. It is the no 1 selling albums. His singing in Radio beats everything he has done so far and wins hands down

My favorite songs in the film are 'Janeman", 'Mann Ka Radio", 'Rafa Dafa", 'Teri Meri Dosti" and 'Piya Jaise". Gosh, I just named all the songs! The music is just so melodic and when I just watched the trial of our film the audience was singing along and so was I. Even the background score is brilliant. The audience must prepare themselves for a very entertaining film filled with beautiful, melodious music.

Share some memorable moments while shooting on the sets which you cherish?
I enjoyed doing the scenes where my character is conflicted, when she is trying to hide her emotions and acts irrational, Shanaya can"t handle her emotions and acts ridiculous sometimes. She does those really silly and irritating things. I enjoyed doing those imperfect, flawed, and confused scenes the most because that's how we are in real life -unpredictable, irrational and flawed.

What are your other projects in the pipeline?
Delhi Belly and another big international film that I am not allowed to talk about.

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