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Aamir - butt of a joke in Peepli Live promos

By: By: Kalyani Prasad Keshri
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Aamir Khan needs no introduction. Whatever he does, from acting to direction to production, he is perfect. There is no doubt in anyone's heart about a film when Aamir is a part of it. This was best proved when we got to know that his upcoming film, Peepli Live was offered Rs. 10 crores only for satellite rights by a television channel. Surprisingly the total cost of the film did not even touch the offered amount. Well, that's the confidence that the industry has on Aamir.

When Aamir shows, the world shuts up and just sees to what he has in store. The same thing happened when he was promoting his upcoming film Peepli Live. He has always come up with new tricks to promote each of his film, this time it was a prank, on himself. The promo screens a journalist reporting from a village called Peepli about the film. The reporter is standing in front of a stall selling chips and biscuits, which are named Gajni and Amir Khan, and having Aamir's Ghajini picture on them. The paradox of the scene was that both the words were spelt wrong.

The reporter reports live from the village Peepli by creating a satire on camera, telling that it is the time to see whether the film will become a hit or not. If not then Aamir will live his life selling wafers and biscuits bearing his name. That would be the only way left for his earning. After the reporter has done with his reporting, the scene shifts to the reporter conversing with the shop keeper telling him that Aamir has gone mad to make such a film called Peepli Live. He added that it's not a joke to make a historic film like Lagaan everyday. This kind of film is done once in a decade.

This promo may poke fun on Aamir but at the same time it is poking fun on today's media, that reports anything about a movie even if nothing is known about it. This promo was also shot in the same village in Bhopal where the movie was shot. The idea of the unique promotion of the film did not strike the mind of its makers out of the blue. When Ausha Rizvi, the director of the film, was shooting in the village outside Bhopal, they came across villagers who were actually selling wafers, biscuits and chips bearing the name of Gajini and Amir Khan. This was where they thought of making a promotional video for the film.

Peepli Live is a film which is a satire about the society. It humorously speaks about the growing gap between the urban and the rural India. The humour in the film starts when a farmer (Rajpal) decides to commit suicide in order to get government compensation to feed his family. Aamir, who got angry when one of his marketing person referred the film Peepli Live as a small film, proves that big or small does not matter for this man - what matters is the quality. Peepli Live with its humorous script, bang on talking about the biggest problem of our society. Though farmer suicide is a small part of the film from where the satire on the society starts, it cannot be forgotten that it is one of the biggest loop holes in our system.

Aamir seems to be very happy about the film and is quiet satisfied with its promotion. This is proved with his time to time twitting. Aamir is very well using the social networking site to promote his forthcoming production

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