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Akshay Kumar makes Vipul Shah emotional

By: By: Joginder Tuteja, <a href="http://bollywoodhungama.com/" target="_blank">Bollywood Hungama</a>
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For Vipul Shah, unveiling of his latest outing Action Replayy was always going to be a special moment. After all he was reuniting with his friend, confidante and a hit leading man Akshay Kumar after a hiatus. Though he had made London Dreams in the interim with Salman Khan and Ajay Devgn, his cent percent track record with Akshay (Aankhen, Waqt, Namastey London) meant that there was always something magical waiting to happen. It is this very magic that was keenly awaited when the first look of Action Replayy was unveiled on Thursday.

Says a friend of Vipul, "The event was planned to coincide with Akshay's birthday. They have been long standing associates and Vipul always wanted this special day to bring on his new movie. However, he wasn't aware of a special moment that was lying ahead of him."

It so happened that on Wednesday night, Vipul had dropped over at Akshay's place to give his birthday wishes in advance since he was well aware that Akshay would get busy on Thursday with other formalities and family affairs. He had picked up a specially ordered watch as a gift for Akshay and when he presented it to the birthday man; he was more than glad to accept it.

"Akshay was very happy with Vipul's choice and was glad to accept the watch", continues Vipul's friend, "However, what Akshay did next was something that Vipul hadn't fathomed. Not just did the actor wear the same watch for the event on Thursday, he also merrily flashed it to the huge media gathering. Naturally, Vipul was left speechless and didn't know how to react since he felt deeply touched."

Vipul does admit that he was completely taken by surprise with Akshay's acknowledgement. "It was an emotional moment. A gift could have been anything; it could have been a watch or anything else. What mattered was what I felt behind presenting something to Akshay. However, what made it special was the fact that Akshay shared his happiness with the entire world. He was visibly happy on his birthday and it was apparent that he was very emotional about the unveiling of Action Replayy taking place on the same day."

He gets a tad irritated when asked about the make and cost of the watch.

"What's the point in the world knowing about that? Can we stop associating everything with monetary value attached to it? How does it matter to anyone whether the watch costs Rs. 500 or 5 lakhs or whether it is an Indian make or a special edition from the West? It is high time we stop splashing the tags out there. There are some things that stand out mainly due to strong emotional values attached to them. Let's leave it all just at that", concludes Vipul.

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