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"I do like Akshay Kumar" - Amrita Puri

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In the recent Sonam Kapoor- Abhay Deol starrer Aisha, the one actress who stole the show was Amrita Puri. As the typical 'behenji from Bahadurgarh', Amrita hit all the right notes and delivered a superb performance. The pretty actress was recently live chatting with her fans. And for all of you who missed the action, here are the excerpts:

Amrita Puri: Hi guys how you all doin?
Amrita Puri: hi....
Amrita Puri: how are you?

honeyy: wht r ur upcoming projects amrita?
Amrita Puri: as of now there is nothing ... i am enjoyn the post Aisha success but as of now nothing else... so nothing that i can tell you as of now

honeyy: amrita u r looking very gorgeous?
Amrita Puri: thank you very much honeyy

sohail: hi amrita any relation with puris family
Amrita Puri: which puris family... there are a lot of them
Amrita Puri: no filmi connection what so ever i am the first filmi person in my family

Amrita Puri: hello back my big fan jay raj

diyaaaa: u will rock in aisha amrita
Amrita Puri: thank you but will rock or did rock?

honeyy: wht r ur vital stats amrita?
Amrita Puri: honey what are yours?

suptido: how did you get into movies?
Amrita Puri: well i was wrkn in an ad agency as a copy writer bt i always wanted to be an actor so i wuit and did ads while auditioning for films... and i landed Aisha... but it was long journey to get there... i did have to struggle quite a bit

diyaaaa: u did rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Amrita Puri: thank you
Sandie_USA: Hey amrita, where do you originally hail from?
Amrita Puri: i am a bombay girl very much born and brought up here
son pari: amrita ur fav colour????
Amrita Puri: my fav colour well i like pink quite a bit but i were black and white a lot... but i am a girl and i like pink

kashif: which one is your next movie because i love your work in Aisha
Amrita Puri: thank u so much... as of now there is nothing to talk about bt when there is i will give u guys an update for sure

diyaaaa: nice dress amrita wowww
Amrita Puri: thank u
Amrita Puri: enjoyn my cup o coffee

sohail: any plans coming newzeland
Amrita Puri: new zealand no not right now... but i saw IHLS and heard from sonam that its great and the place is gorgeous

Amrita Puri: hi again jay ray if that made u happy

son pari: amrita wht is ur star?????????
Amrita Puri: i am a leo

honeyy: u r looking like an angel in this dress.
Amrita Puri: thank u honeyy
Amrita Puri: honeyy are u a guy ora girl?

suptido: Nice! A great example of following your dream!
Amrita Puri: thank u suptido

Amrita Puri: thank u so much

Davy Jones: In the movie was Sonam a great support for you ? .... She is such a talented actress
Amrita Puri: i am happy that i am getting to live my dream

Sandie_USA: Amrita, would you mind giving a shout out to The Ann Foundation - a charity for the blind in India
Amrita Puri: and a big shout out for the Anne Foundation... i really appreciate ppl who take out time to do social wrk

raj310: hey your favourtie actor? my fav is akshay kumar. do you like him ?
Amrita Puri: i do like akshay kumar i think he is gr8 on screen bt my fav would be nasseeruddin shah and robert deniro

harsh: how was Rhea as a producer...i remeber she was very cool..she was in my school??
Amrita Puri: is it ... reha is quite a cool cat

sohail: i like ur hairstyle
Amrita Puri: thank u sohail... i thought i was havin a bad hair day

suptido: Sobo girl or from the burbs Amrita?
Amrita Puri: aahh... sobo girl

son pari: do u like to work wid srk?????
Amrita Puri: yeah sure who wouldnt?

suptido: Are you open to endorsements?
Amrita Puri: yes isnt every body?

suptido: who was the casting director for aisha?
Amrita Puri: amita saigal who is my mentor and godmother

waiting_Eyes: UR FAV PLACE
Amrita Puri: i have a lot of travel destinations that i enjoy ... bt i am goin to singapore to visit my bro... i love goin there to see them

Amrita Puri: i love anything sweet... i have a sweet tooth so chocolates, chips, cakes bt i am a sucker for italian and sushi

Sandie_USA: Thank you Amrita The Ann Foundation appreciates your support for our very important work
Amrita Puri: your most welcome anytime

Salman: do u like sallu
Amrita Puri: i think he has been around forever and has managed to entertain every one so hats off to him

suptido: Managed by any celebrity management agency?
Amrita Puri: no suptido none what so ever

Davy Jones: amrita please say hi to davy jones....
Amrita Puri: Davy Jones... hey davy wassu?

Salman: hw was ur experince as acting in aisha
Amrita Puri: the experience was great i got to learn a lot i think i will go into my next more experienced thanks to Aisha

harsh: hey u look reaaly good onscreen...better than sonam...are u dating any guy??
Amrita Puri: am i dating anybody thats not a question i really want to answer on a live chat

Amrita Puri: yeah i love SHAM i think everyone in the cast was obscessed with it at some point of time, bt being a punjabi i loved meethi meethi bol

Amrita Puri: fav movie there are so many bt pulp fiction, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, one flew over the cuckoos nest
Amrita Puri: and inception was brilliant

shweta: on a day off how wud u like to spend time?
Amrita Puri: i love sleeping and thats one thing u dont get to do while wrkn... on the first day post Aisha i got a massage, chilled with friends and spoke to my parents, went out for a film and it felt gr8

Rupesh: have u done any acting course, cuz you were great in Aisha?
Amrita Puri: thank u so much i really appreciate all the positive feedback bt i didnt study acting... but i did theatre... and lots o work shops that helped me get my ground wrk

honey: will u marry me?
Amrita Puri: really? u wanna propose to a girl on a live chat?

son pari: amrita whtz ur age??????????
Amrita Puri: and i am nt telling anyone how old i am

honey: hv u made any tatoo on ur body?
Amrita Puri: the reason i didnt is coz when i am 50 i may hate it... besides it permanant

athuu: where did u studied amrita?
Amrita Puri: i studied in bombay and later went to Xaviers... and then did my PG in Mass Com from Sophias

Romeo: how many times have u seen Aisha
Amrita Puri: 3

Amrita Puri: my bro makes so much fun of me coz he says i have the worsst singing voice ever so i think i am goin to spare u all

ahuja4aa4: I heard you enjoy traveling a lot- and you really like Japan as a country to visit. Can you explain
Amrita Puri: i do love travelling n i love Japanese food ... bt i havent been there and yes i am thinkin of visiting Japan... also i want to know how u know bout this... i have a feeling i know u if its the same ahuja i am thinking of

davy jones: dont you really like people from japan though
Amrita Puri: what is with Japan?

Amrita Puri: this is a chat y do u guys want me to dince and dance?

ahuja4aa4: How many children would you want.

aparna: im sure u think its wierd but how is simba??
Amrita Puri: i had a dog called simba... and this is creepy how do u guys know all this bout me

Meeta: what kind of movies are you looking forward to take up?
Amrita Puri: a movie that would give me scope as an actor as Aisha did

aparna: actually i know coz he bit me....
Amrita Puri: i knew it...

davy jones: what plans do you have for dinner tonight ?
Amrita Puri: u are goin to be a dead man tonight ... that i can forsee in ur future

ahuja4aa4: Who is your best friend?
Amrita Puri: i have a lot of close friends actually not one best friend

cookie: amrita why are you not answering me..i asked if u think that dating and pre marital interaction
Amrita Puri: i think ur question aint complete cookie...

davy jones: please tell us about your most embarrasing audition
Amrita Puri: davy....

chintan: you have a very cute smile
Amrita Puri: Thanks Chintan

Sophi: So what movies are you working on currently
Amrita Puri: right now nothing

Romeo: is it true that ur dad is a banker? with which bank?
Amrita Puri: Yes, my dad works in HDFC bank

ahuja4aa4: That was very sweet- i heard you speak Japanese. Can you say any one line. "Aai Shteru"
Amrita Puri: No I am not going to say I love you in Japanese

preeti: do u like to do travel
Amrita Puri: I love travelling>

Ashley Lobo: do u have a boyfriend??
Amrita Puri: Ashley are you the choroegrapher

cookie: amrita dont you think dating pre marital interaction is contrary to our culture
Amrita Puri: I dont think there is anything wrong with dating and pre-marital interaction.

Amrita Puri: we are in the 21st century after all.

Niraj: amrita ji, i liked ur performance but sorry to say that the film was average
Amrita Puri: Thanks Niraj

Niraj: amrita ji,it isnt clear how u are related to aisha or how does the friendship develope.plz explain
Amrita Puri: and my chacha in the film works for her father

ahuja4aa4: I think you overshadow all the other actresses in Aisha- tell us the secret behind that.
Amrita Puri: I think everyone has theri space in Aisha
Amrita Puri: But i will take that as a compliment

Niraj: filmmakers must realise that problems faced by people in metros arent same as ones all over india
Amrita Puri: Aisha is a metro film though
Amrita Puri: It is more for urban audiences

preeti: do want to host any show ????????
Amrita Puri: Ya if the show is interesting

sheikh: amrita puri...did ever visited dubai..
Amrita Puri: Yes I have visited Dubai once
Amrita Puri: great shopping
gollu: since if you dont have any projects in hand, how do you keep urself engaged
Amrita Puri: I am busy these days promoting Aisha
Amrita Puri: I havent had any time off in the past month actuallu

Ashley Lobo: nope...just a common man with you in my heart!
Amrita Puri: Awww... thanks Ashley
Amrita Puri: our choreographer for the film for the salsa song was Ashley Lobo as well
Amrita Puri: I would like to work with Farhan Akhtar, Saif, Ranbir Kapoor and Naseerudin Shah

honey: why r u wearing watch in ur right hand? r u lefty?
Amrita Puri: I am a lefty. that was very observant of you Honey

rahulbeckham: oye! phaad actin thi yaar in aisha ...
Amrita Puri: thanks whats phaad rahul

suptido: Whom should one get in touch with if they have any kind of business proposition for you...
Amrita Puri: my PR agency nine winds

rahulbeckham: had gone coz of abhay & amit trivedi .... but in the end u & Mr trivedis wr da nly savin grace
Amrita Puri: Thanks Rahul

lalala: did ya feel anything for Cyrus while shooting ?
Amrita Puri: Cyrus is a sweetheart but he is my friend and no kuch feelings nahi hain

ahuja4aa4: What do you like bst about yourself
Amrita Puri: I like my smile and my dimple
Amrita Puri: And i like that I am friendly and bubbbly

davy jones: Please tell us about your most embarassing audition...
Amrita Puri: Davy break a leg

Niraj: amrita ji,which are your all time favourite hindi films?
Amrita Puri: I love DDLJ

Nobodys_Perfect: hey amrita happy B-Day in advance
Amrita Puri: Thanks for the bday wishes

abhishek: amrita..u looks like amrita rao..is she ur sister
Amrita Puri: No amrita rao is not my sister at all

ahuja4aa4: Do you know how to cook and do house work.
Amrita Puri: Ahuja are you planning on turning me into a housewife

payal: hi amrita,what you do to maintain your body especially your face?
Amrita Puri: I work out five times a week or so when I am not shoooting

garima: hey amrita.. i think u wer awesum in aisha i mean i jst lovd ur character.. u wer really beautiful!!
Amrita Puri: Thanks garima

rahulbeckham: u frm dilli itself kya?? i mean role itna mast pull off kiya hai ...
Amrita Puri: Thanks Rahul I am not from Delhi but I have alot of family there

payal: amrita u are a sweet person wish u all the best do u believe in god?what do u think of karma?
Amrita Puri: Thanks> I do believe in God and karma. I believe what goes around comes around. And I thank God for my blessing.

i_luv_amrita: Happy Birthday Amrita in advance....u were fab in Aisha
Amrita Puri: Thank you so much

lalala: what you wanted to be if you were not an actor?
Amrita Puri: I would have been a writer.
Amrita Puri: I used to do freelance writing for magazines before Aisha

garima: how was tht salsa experience in behke behke? any incident u wud lyk 2 share?
Amrita Puri: It was not easy doing the salsa no. I had to work hard on it

Ashley Lobo: was there any kind of rivarly with Ira Dubey/Lisa Hayden and ofcourse Sonam Kapoor??
Amrita Puri: Lisa is a doll I am very fond of her. I am meeting Ira tonight for dinner. And Sonam is a cool chick.

suptido: and besides writing I guess, since you were a copywriter
Amrita Puri: I like photography and reading.

rahulbeckham: im sure u must hav seen INCEPTION ... what do u feel bout the muvi? can v ever make sumthin lyk tht
Amrita Puri: I loved inception. It was brilliant.

chinmay: which other character u liked in aisha
Amrita Puri: I loved Anand Tiwari who played Sourabh in the film. Ira and Cyrus were great as well

Niraj: amrita ji,are you disappointed after the box-office failure of aisha?
Amrita Puri: Aisha is not box office failiure. It has had great collections so far and is a hit as far as box office collections are concerned

Amrita Puri: Guys, It has been great chatting with you. I have thourougly enjoyed chatting with all of you. A fun afternoon indeed.

Amrita Puri: Thank you so much for all the appreciation and love. It feels very rewarding.

Amrita Puri: Especially for a new actor. Lots of Love to all of you. Ciao!

Amrita Puri: Take care and go watch Aisha again

Amrita Puri: Goodbye and good luck, until we meet again!

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