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"Aisha is a chic flick" - Amrita Puri

By: By: Joginder Tuteja, <a href="http://bollywoodhungama.com/" target="_blank">Bollywood Hungama</a>
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For someone who comes from a non-filmy background, Amrita Puri is content to be making her debut in the world of movies as a second lead. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Amrita is the daughter of an entrepreneur with a life that has been lived in the fast lane. Confident, classy as well as stylish in real life, Amrita is playing a character that is required to be totally opposite on screen. However, those who have caught the pretty girl in the promos of Aisha vouch that she indeed would be having a rosy journey ahead. This correspondent gets talking to Amrita who is debuting as a small town girl from Bahadurgarh in Aisha.

Amrita, are we going to see the sweetest 'behenji' ever in Bollywood once Aisha hits the screen?
I hope so (laughs). Shefali Thakur, the character that I enact in Aisha, is so very sweet and cute. In fact to get the accent right for someone who was a 'chote shehar ki ladki', I had to actually train myself a lot on my diction. Her behaviour is very adorable and things that she says are so very funny. She is very loveable and it was endearing to be living this character. Because of these traits, even though I play a 'behenji' with a 'choti' and all, I could look cute with all those rosy cheeks.

As I understand, you are pretty much aware about the world of fashion. So playing someone who is totally ignorant must have been fun, right?
She was very fun to play and as you rightly say, it was mainly because of the way the character was written. Of course, after seeing myself in the mirror with that long 'choti', I used to go like 'Oh my God, when would I come out if it'.

Did that eventually happen?
Yes, once my character went through a makeover in the film. This is when I get to wear good and trendy clothes. Having said that, it isn't as if Shefali Thakur is only there for fun elements. She has moments too, something that makes her a fantastic character to play.

Not many actors would have been okay to have a co-star share limelight, especially when it is their home production. In this way, isn't it really a big deal that Sonam Kapoor has kept you pretty prominent in the promos?
She is not an editor or a director to decide the promo (smiles). Of course as producers, her family does have a good say in deciding what to keep and what not to keep. It is good to see that Kapoors are looking at the film as a whole and how to make it a best possible product. Since it is an ensemble film, if a single actor is given prominence then it wouldn't have done justice to the product at all. The makers were focusing on giving the film a good launch and it is great that they have conveyed the same through the promos.

Well, the promos also indicate that Aisha could well be an all-women affair. With quite some bonding between female protagonists that includes you and Sonam Kapoor along with Ira Dubey and Lisa Haydon, can one say that finally Bollywood has matured enough for it's first ever major chic flick?
Yes, Aisha is a chic flick but then I don't think that audience will feel that it is only for women. It is a fun young film and people across the board will enjoy it. Add to this the fact that Aisha is a very light film only adds on to the many positives that it carries with it. The film will go down well with everybody but having said that, women would definitely be taking a good chunk of limelight.

You have made a start in Bollywood where a tag of being a second lead has got attached to you in your very first film. Doesn't that worry you?
(Says after a pause) Honestly, I did think about it initially that second lead nahi karna chahiye. After all you don't want to get stuck in a particular bracket. However, I realised very quickly that Shefali was such a fabulous character to enact. I could sense that the kind of response this character would invoke would be such that if I could get it right, it would be a very positive step for me in the right direction. I looked at Aisha as a package with a top of the line producer, big set up and stars. I didn't want to let go off such opportunity. Now that the film is releasing, I am just praying that more and more people watch it. If they like my work then rest assured, lead roles will follow too.

So have there been any feelers already?
Soon after the promo of Aisha came on air, a major director did call and wanted to meet me for a role. I know for sure that quite a few people want to see the film. I am sure once they watch it; people in Bollywood would pick up the phone and say that they want to work with me. I am quite positive about that.

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