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"Dabangg will be a huge hit" - Arbaaz Khan

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As an actor, he has impressed us with his performance in films such as Daraar, Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya, Hello Brother, Qayamat and Shootout at Lokhandwala. Now he is all set to don a new hat, that of a producer, with his maiden home production Dabangg. Yes...ladies and gentlemen we are indeed talking about the one and only Arbaaz Khan.
Arbaaz recently had video chat with fans, and for all those who missed logging in, here are the excerpts of the chat:

Arbaaz Khan : Hey guys
Arbaaz Khan : this is Arbaaz here

Dabbang hooo : hey arbaaz how u doin?
Arbaaz Khan : hey very well

Arjun : arjun whats next now post Dabangg?
Arbaaz Khan : Arjun...well i am not really working on my next project as of now. My entire concentration is still with Dabangg till the time it releases and then maybe when i do excited over something like i did with Dabangg, i will start work on it.

bobba : hey arbaaz! i love you your my favourite!!
bobba : and best of luck for Dabangg!! will be watching in theaters salman favourite star!!
Arbaaz Khan : thank you thank you

rupali : hellooooooo arbaz ji... welcome here from all of us ;:
Arbaaz Khan : rupali...well Dabangg the experience has been wonderful...i was a first time producer so the experience that i got from it really was fantastic.

ron555 : will u invite aamir and katrina for dabanng premeire??
Arbaaz Khan : ron...i am undecided whether i am having a premiere as of now but if i do have i would surely invite almost everyone from the film fraternity including Aamir and Katrina if that answers your qtn

rupali : Arbaz jiiiii wat is the secret of a happy married lyf??
Arbaaz Khan : rupali...its not a very easy qtn to answer. I myself dont knw the reason. All I can say is that a lot of love,faith, space , respect for each other could be some of the ingredients that make a successful relationship or a marriage.

JonaSallu : Who is your favorite singer?
Arbaaz Khan : Jona...fav singer is Mohd Rafi saab, Kishoreda, Sonu Nigam, Udit Narayan

JonaSallu : How was it telling your older brother what to do?
Arbaaz Khan : Jona...u knw Salman is a very experienced actor and star. so when I took the script to him and told him that this is the film i want to produce, he kind of was excited from the word go. He got involved and really worked hard and contributed a lot to his character and the film. Salman does listen to any great input so there was no problem of him listening to either me or the director when he felt we were giving the right suggestions

amkebina : i was so waiting u guys to come here in usa plzz do smthng for all salman who lives outside india plzz
Arbaaz Khan : amkebina...honestly for some unforeseen reasons, our intl tour got cancelled. Its very unfortunate. We were keen to tour London and New York as far as the promotions were concerned but hopefully we might still work out a situation to try and make it somewhere post release.

imam0077 : arbaaz bhai..ramadan mubaarak!!
Arbaaz Khan : imam...aap sabko ramzan mubarak...inshallah we all will have a rocking Eid.

rupali : When is your forthcoming movie Dabangg goin to be relesed ???
Arbaaz Khan : rupali...Dabangg is slated for 10 Sept release.

Bhavnish : Hey Arbaaz, this is ur fan from Tanzania, what do you have to say to ur fans in this part of d wrld
Arbaaz Khan : Bhavnish.. a big hi to all my fans in Tanzania.

rupali : what is the best movie you hve acted in??
Arbaaz Khan : rupali...Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya

SalluLicious : Bro wats yur fav song of Dabangg ?
Arbaaz Khan : honestly i like all the songs but i think the song that would be an evergreen song which would last and play for a long long time is got to be Tere Mast Mast Do nain

rupali : hmmm is Dabangg your first debt as a producer or hve u done any movie before dat???
Arbaaz Khan : rupali...Dabangg is my first film as a producer

rupali : how many children do you hve Arabazji???
Arbaaz Khan : rupali..i have one boy ...he is going to be 8 in November

SalluLicious : v fanz r really excited 2 watch Dabangg on sept10 ! al da vry best it wil b a Blockbuster inshAllah
Arbaaz Khan : thank you very much...the response to Dabangg from its first look has been overwhelming. There has been great curiosity and buzz regdg the film. I am sure all you people will enjoy a wholesome entertainer... Dabangg ho.

rupali : what is your favourite dish & why?????
Arbaaz Khan : rupali..i love indian food...i can stay maximu 2 - 3 days without indian food so whenever i travel, if i dont get indian food, i start looking for them

rihan : whats the approx screen time of Dabangg
Arbaaz Khan : rihan...Dabangg is appx 2 hr 5 mins

JonaSallu : Favorite scene in the movie?
Arbaaz Khan : Jona...there are many scenes which are very nice and interesting...hard to pick your fav scene in your own film

Dabbang hooo : Music of Dabbang rocks
Arbaaz Khan : yeah...Music is a very impt aspect rgdg a films appeal and success so its imminent that when u have a film that has songs, one should hope that they are good and kinda connect with the audiences

Iftu13 : Hi Arbaaz really glad u joined twitter & doing more interviews now getting to know you better
Arbaaz Khan : Iftu...thanks

JonaSallu : Did you expect this much hype for your first production?
Arbaaz Khan : Gods been kind, the film is really being recd well, lot of people declaring it a huge hit already...I am a bit confident yet nervous and anxious waiting for Sept 10

upkar : is sohail also the part of this movie?
Arbaaz Khan : upkar...sohail is involved in this film not so much in the creatives but in the backend of this film.. he has really helped me in the prodn part of the film and the post prodn, the business etc. Since i was a new producer, his expertise were very vital

don se : Dabangg will cross 300 crore
Arbaaz Khan : donse...inshallah...aapke moonh mein ghee shakkar.

rihan : Will the sequel to Dabangg set in an urban setting as opposed to this one
Arbaaz Khan : rihan...ha ha h aha....let this film be a hit and then we will talk about the sequel later.

SalmanKiDiwani : bro v r waitin fr u nd ur fam 2 cm 2 australia, any plans? hp 2 c u hr!
Arbaaz Khan : Malaika has a very close friend Mitu who stays in Australia, Melbourne. hope well be visiting them soon.

puneet : hi sir ...this is puneet from Nepal....we are eagly waiting for dabang...
Arbaaz Khan : puneet...yes i hope all u people watch the film and make it a huge hit.

Sachin Gothi : Arbazz so how difficult was it convince malaika to have a dance number as "MUNNI BADNAM HUI" Dabangg
Arbaaz Khan : Sachin...Malaika has been associated with some really nice songs in films, so when i wanted her to do this song I was very sure that this song is going to be a chartbuster and she was going to really create magic with this song and touchwood, my belief seems to have come right.

Iftu13 : Do you have script for your next film already heard u also signed Sonakshi for it??
Arbaaz Khan : Iftu...I have not yet started working on my next film...am still concentrating on giving Dabangg the best possible release,, then i will take a short break cos Dabangg has taken a lot out of me. Post that ill be working on my next project

Iftu13 : Whats your plan for your home production?? What type of films will you be mostly doing??
Arbaaz Khan : Iftu...not really restricted to any one genre of filmmaking. any interesting script or story to tell no matter what genre it is I will make as long as I am excited and passionate abt what I am doing.

vicky : sir chulbul pandey as character is huge hit before release so will u take it to further level
Arbaaz Khan : vicky...yes i would but thats all conditioned to how this film gets recd and whether we really want to go ahead and make a sequel.

walia : dabanng will create history
Arbaaz Khan : walia...i am hoping that it does...itll be a great moment for our family. I can see my parents be very happy if that happens and I think their happiness is of prime importance to me.

Arbaaz Khan : Sagar...its not..Dabangg started in Nov last year andwe are releasing it in Sept this year...so its less than a year. It was a big film in terms of its canvas and starcast, so I needed that much to make it.

IftuH : Plzz hold a big premier for Dabangg like 3 idiots had we want to see u guys go all out for Dabangg
Arbaaz Khan : Iftu...maybe u r right. we should do that...its some thing that we would be doing hopefully.

merlyn : what advice you give to a canadian screenplay writer who would like to pitch the script in india?
Arbaaz Khan : merlyn...connect with prodn houses, directors. Send them a synopsis of your script and then wait for a feedback.

humDabangg : how ur experience being a producer of Dabangg.
Arbaaz Khan : like I sad before its been a wonderful journey; It is something that i would continue doing, making films.

JonaSallu : Who is your favorite actor and actress?
Arbaaz Khan : Jona...lot of favs...loved Amitabh Bachchan, Dilip saab, Aamir, Salman, Sridevi, Madhuri, Rani Mukherjee.

Niraj : arbaaz ji,do you feel that Dabangg will live upto the standard set by wanted in 2008?
Arbaaz Khan : Niraj...i do agree that Wanted was a very good film and had some amazing action but I am pretty confident that my film is not only different but has great music and great action too.

Niraj : arbaaz ji,wish you a belated happy birthday
Arbaaz Khan : thank you Niraj...u can almost wish me next year now.

walia : what does this dialogue stands "hum yahan ke robinhood pandey hai"
Arbaaz Khan : walia...he believes that he is a real life robinhood..he takes from one and gives the other...hence the dialogue

Dabbang hooo : Arbbaz bhai do u like Himesh Reshm miya
Arbaaz Khan : yes I do, not his singing though but his music.

rihan : Has Salim Saab watched the final cut of Dabangg....His views, If so?
Arbaaz Khan : rihan...yes he has and he has liked it.

sikandar shah : salam arbaz bhai, how r u ? i am from pakistan and huge fan of urs
Arbaaz Khan : sikandar...walekum assalam

Iftu13 : Is Dabangg a family film?? Cause my entire family will be going to see Dabangg on eid from 40-5yrs
Arbaaz Khan : Iftu...yes it is a family film, its got drama, action, romance.

rupali : hmmm do you still wrkout in gym??? whn do u get time for all that???
Arbaaz Khan : rupali...honestly u knw last 2 months ive had no time whatsoever to hit the Gym. So I will be getting back once i am out of the post prodn of the film. Infact the post prodn takes a lot out of you in terms of time and commitment.

aysha : salam sir i m 4m saudi bt indian gujrati grl....will inshallah pray in the holy makkah 4 Dabangg..
Arbaaz Khan : arre aysha thats wonderful and inshallah ur prayers will come true and Dabangg will be a huge hit.

nadooosh : Tell Salman to keep his mustache was a good
Arbaaz Khan : nadooos...yes salman looks amazing in the moustache.

Iftu13 : Does Sohail plan on joining twitter??
Arbaaz Khan : Iftu...Sohail is not so computer savvy and not so much into social networking sites. Even getting Salman onto twitter was quite a task but now he enjoys it.

aysha : omg omg omg i can blive that i m seeing salman khan bro arbaaz sir only live...mashallah..
Arbaaz Khan : ha ha ha aysha...unfortunately i cant see you...but its ok as long as u like what you see.

Arbaaz Khan : Jay Raj...if u want to have a good time, and want to feel value for money and see some interesting, entertaining cinema then go and see Dabangg. Does that answer your qtn?

Iftu13 : love your new look by the way
Arbaaz Khan : Iftu...thanksbro

MKdswell : who wrote the script of this movie?
Arbaaz Khan : Mkdswell..the script is written by Dilip Shukla and Abhinav Kashyap.

y khan : Arbaaz u brothers rock man...any plan all the three in a movie
Arbaaz Khan : ykhan...no likely possibility in the near future but u never knw.

roshanrz : tell something about movie which we dont know
Arbaaz Khan : roshanrz...if i tell u something abt the movie that u dont knw, then whats the point in seeing the film. better go and see the film

rakesh : hi arbaaz, do you like to play villain role?
Arbaaz Khan : rakesh...i have no problem playing them, lets put it that way. I started my career with Daraar which was a negative role. even my last film Fashion, i played a grey character so I have no reservations as long as they are impt parts in the script.

Niraj : arbaaz ji,how did you get the idea of making this film?
Arbaaz Khan : Niraj...i had a chanced meeting with the writer - director Abhinav Kashyap and while he was narrating the script to me, somewhere I was pretty inspired to start my prodn with this and told Abhinav that I would launch u as a director with this film and it all fell into place. Thats how we started this film.

ash123 : ur son is very cute
Arbaaz Khan : ash...thank you, my son is a wonderful boy. right now he is not keeping too well, running slight temp so i need to get back to him and attend to him too soon.

mohith : will there be a cd released only with dialouges of dabang
Arbaaz Khan : possibility mohith. when a films dialogues get popular there is a demand for such a CD so lets hope

Iftu13 : whats the feeling like before film release are u nervous
Arbaaz Khan : Iftu...to a certain extent, yes there is anxiety, nervousness. One shouldn't be overtly confident abt the product. Lets hope the audience loves it as they are the final verdict.

karan : how about ur wife malaika..in d movie?
Arbaaz Khan : karan...Malaika has just got a song in the film which is what is one air right now.

SalmanKiDiwani : bro do u hv any plans to direct a movie in futre? its surly gnna rok!
Arbaaz Khan : yes I do. I am just waiting for a script that excites me to start make a debut as a director.

humDabangg : bhai tell about memorable moment during producing Dabangg
Arbaaz Khan : humDabangg...i think each day was a wonderful experience.

MKdswell : UP ka chulbul Pandey = bad ass...rocks
Arbaaz Khan : yessss it does

Bhavnish : what does Dabangg mean ?
Arbaaz Khan : Bhavnish...Dabangg the term means Fearless. People who kind of carve their own path and don't go down the beaten road, dont follow norms, do as they please. Even if it means they go against the system.

Niraj : arbaaz ji,why dont salim saab write any scripts?our cinema needs him
Arbaaz Khan : Niraj...i am sure. Cinema misses writers like my dad whose done some amazing and memorable work. Maybe i will excite him to write something and get him out of retirement.

walia : robinhood was called hero of poor people is that same with chulbul pandey?
Arbaaz Khan : walia...see the film. that is just an element of the film. theres lot more in the film.

himesh : hey i just want 2 ask you weather der will be ne paid preview for Dabanggg
Arbaaz Khan : himesh...undecided yet

Arbaaz Khan : Jay...are you some income tax guy awot? just enjoy the film, dont worry abt the cost, leave it to us.
Arbaaz Khan : Hey guys, gotto rush now, was great fun chatting with all of you. I hope i have been able to answer most of your qtns relating to the film...hoping that you will all see the film and enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. Take Care...KhudaHafiz...Shabba Khair...Bye...Arbaaz.

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