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Bipasha to launch her fitness video

By: By: Upala KBR, <a href="http://www.mid-day.com/" target="_blank">Mid-Day</a>
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Her fitness video 'The Fit And The Fabulous' endorsed by B-Town hunks and sportspersons alike, hits stores on February 4. Bipasha Basu has been secretly working on her "pet passion" for the last few months. Her fitness video -- The Fit And The Fabulous -- hits stores this Thursday. Here, the actress talks about her dream project.

It's been a lot of hard work and effort for me. I love working out but sometimes I can't pull out one hour of exercising. The video is for those who are too shy to go to the gym or can't afford it or like working mothers who are struggling with time. It's not some Bollywood actress's pastime. It is my baby and completely my effort. Everything from the creatives to choosing the right pictures, post-production, marketing and script has been mine. It's a brand initiative. The DVD won't be just a one-step video. I will be getting involved in the entire brand of fitness -- from fashion to food. I have several plans.

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In fact, I have to thank Mid-Day for putting my life back on track. Six years ago, Mid-Day had written an article saying "Bips becomes fat". It actually opened my eyes. I had put on weight during Jism and Gunaah and my boyfriend used to say that I was the hottest thing on earth, so I never thought I was fat. But I had to be brutally honest to myself. I really appreciate what the paper wrote and I used what Mid-Day wrote positively and put myself on the health track. It must have been difficult initially... in the beginning, I made lots of mistakes. I would use ankle inclines and weights and injured my knee. Then I realised that I need to understand this medium of health and fitness. I started travelling and interacting with trainers. Today, I understand fitness. Any kind of physical activity is like meditation or praying for me. -- I follow fitness like a religion. I love and respect my body and don't share that one hour in a day with anybody -- it's kept aside only for my workouts. Everything that keeps me healthy and active, excites me.

Tell me about the fitness video.
It gives you a 25-minute workout and has a beginners level for 30 days and advanced level for 30 days. People should do the workout that helps in fat loss and muscle toning six times a week. It will take about three days to understand the form. Since I can't monitor people personally, the workouts differs from individual to individual, but it's important that they also follow a balanced and moderate diet with vitamins, minerals, carbs and proteins. You can't have fried stuff and expect miracles in 30 days. I will also be having the launch of the video website soon.

You have been working on this for the last few months?
The beginners level took some time as I had to do with others. It took me eight months of research and trying the workouts on different people to see the results. I want to thank people who encouraged me when I shared the idea with them, and then made this video possible. When I told John, he was blown away by the concept. My friend Deanne Pandey, a fitness expert was also a big help. Rocky S has done my music video and so, many friends have contributed free of cost. Big stars like Mr Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh, Priyanka, John, Dhoni, Akshay, Ajay and Ranbir Kapoor have endorsed the video.

There's a song in the video too!
... Yes. It's called Baby Love Yourself and has been directed by Soham Shah. It's a philosophy I have been following for the last six years. I love the 5 F's in my life -- films, fitness, fashion, family and friends but the emphasis is on loving yourself. I am releasing it a week before Valentine's Day because it's about loving yourself and on that day we love others but we tend to lose focus on ourselves. After the release of my first one, I plan to have new ones with updated techniques maybe coming every six months.

Is it affordable?
Yes, because I am looking at the masses and classes. It's a bilingual -- Hindi and English as I want people at the grass root level to get it. The DVD is cost effective and if someone can't afford it they can buy the VCD. I will also be launching my own fitness line. Outfits for working out can be very fashionable, sexy and be the right gear. The BB Love Yourself line will launched in March. People are confused about what is thin and being fit -- it's about being fit and being able to a million things in a day without fainting.

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