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    Chase lyricist miffed with its makers

    Chase has released and if the ongoing tussle between director Jagmohan Mundhra and producer Anuuj Saxena wasn't enough, there is more addition to the drama. One of the lyricists in the film, Prashant Vasl, is miffed with the makers since his name has gone missing from the credit details on the music album. Worse, his name has been replaced by a much established Jalees Sherwani, something which continues to puzzle the lyricist who has been knocking the doors of Bollywood for some time now.

    "I have written the much talked about song 'Raat Ki Sanson Mein Uljhi Hai Koi Baat', a song of seduction picturised on Udita Goswami. However, to my shock, the crediting has gone to Jaless Sherwani. The song is a turning point in a film but on the contrary it has turned out to be a sad point for me", says Vasl.

    The song plays in the film when Udita comes up with a sensual song and dance performance to confirm if the character played by Anuuj Saxena is indeed in a comatose state as projected by him.

    Incidentally, it was Sherwani himself who informed Vasl about the error. "Yes, it was Jalees who informed me about it. He was extremely shocked & embarrassed to see his name in my place. Jalees bhai assured me that he is ready to tell the truth and do all that was required", says Vasl.

    So what did the miffed lyricist eventually do?

    "Well, I spoke to Jag Mundhra, Executive Producer Krishna Banerjee and music composer Udbhav Ojha about this", says Vasl, "They all are quite concerned about it. I also sent a SMS to Anuuj about this, bringing to his knowledge 'the error!' Soon after that, Pooja Kashyap, COO, Maverick called me and said she was quite sorry for the mistake (!)."

    This was not an error which was noticed by all only last week. In fact it was way back on 16th April when Vasl had brought up this topic at the music launch party of Chase.

    "I had observed then itself that my name didn't appear amongst lyricists. Udbhav took up the matter with Pooja Kashyap to which she told him - 'I will make the corrections immediately'. When Udbhav suggested that it could be announced from the stage that 'by mistake' Prashant Vasl's name has been omitted, she told him - 'In that case Anuj will be very angry as he isn't aware of this'. I took her point & despite being called on stage, I never mentioned anything about it. Even when I was leaving, I didn't say anything to Anuuj who came to see me off. I did all this just to save Pooja of any embarrassment", says Vasl in a hurt tone.

    Later, Pooja and Vasl did have a conversation where the latter advised her to take care of the error by way of the production house publishing 'the unintentional error' and regretting in trade magazines and internet. "Yet again, Pooja assured me that she would do the needful. I hope she does it now", signs Vasl.

    When informed, Anuuj regretted the episode. He apologised to Vasl for the mistake and assured him that this would indeed be taken care of. "Yes, I am aware about these proceedings", says Anuuj, "I apologised to Prashant for this glaring mistake. I have committed to issue a note/release to all the trade papers. Also, the next lot of CDs will also carry the corrected crediting. I am feeling quite bad for this mess up."

    Hope this should keep Vasl happy and settle the controversy once for and all.

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