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"I aspire to be the female Rajinikanth" - Mallika

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From Kissing to Hisssing, Mallika Sherawat has indeed come a long way. The bold and beautiful actress did live video chat recently and spoke about her forthcoming film Hisss. For all those who missed this fun-filled session, here are the excerpts:

Mallika Sherawat : Hi folks...I am ready to Hisss

drav18 : Mallika is here !!! Remember me Mallika ??? Your twitter fan???
Mallika Sherawat : yes i remember u very well darling drav18

Niraj : u became popular due to your sex symbol image & films. was it intentional or took any offer that came
Mallika Sherawat : Niraj...it was never intentional...people found me sexy...what do i do if people find me sexy

Towhid1 : wht do u miss the most abt LA?
Mallika Sherawat : the weather

$NAKUL$ : r u single?????
Mallika Sherawat : yes Nakul...I am single and ready to mingle

Niraj : mallika ji,was it true that you charged 1.5 crores for Aap Ka Suroor?
Mallika Sherawat : Yes Niraj

Ishaa : hi mallika, what is so special about Hisss?
Mallika Sherawat : Ishaa...Hisss is a Bollywood movie for India but like Robot it has SFX from Hollywood.

rara1 : How many people you swallowed in HISSS
Mallika Sherawat : rara1...OMG...the list is endless

Pawan: Whats your next release after Hisss?
Mallika Sherawat : Pawan...its Love Barack

drav18 : Mallika, you are looking gorgeous in the video !!!
Mallika Sherawat : drav18...thanks sweetie

Prasad : Mallika whats ur fav colour??
Mallika Sherawat : Prasad...Orange

Praful: what type of excercise u do pls give us some tips
Mallika Sherawat : Praful...a mix of Yoga, Weight training and Running

Nrupesh : hi mallika. you are very gorgeous. you are undoubtedly the queen of glamour.
Mallika Sherawat : Nrupesh...I agree with u ..thank u

Towhid1 : Whts it like 2 dress up as snake in hisssssssss ?
Mallika Sherawat : Towhid1....Slimy and Slippery

Towhid1 : whn is POL realising ?
Mallika Sherawat : Valentines Day 2011

Maniana : hi mallika, u are amazing in hisss, i hope u get more interesting roles
Mallika Sherawat : Maniana...if u dont get them u create them

Niraj: mallika ji, were real snakes used in Hiss with you or special effects?
Mallika Sherawat : Niraj...yes

Towhid1: Did u always wanted 2 b n actress or something else in life??
Mallika Sherawat : Towhid...always wanted to be an actress

viren : mallika what your favourite dish
Mallika Sherawat : Viren...snakes like rabbits

Niraj : mallika ji,do you think after Robot,Indian cinema is at par technically with hollywood?
Mallika Sherawat : Niraj...for eg...Hisss is like Robot where its a Bollywood movie but the SFX is from Hollywood

Towhid1 : wht was ur fav subject in school n college ???
Mallika Sherawat : Towhid....Philosophy

drav18 : I am dying to see you on the filmfare cover !!!
Mallika Sherawat : drav18...u shall not be disappointed

nikki : hey mallika..lookin gud in love barack.. when is it comin out..
Mallika Sherawat : nikki...14th feb 2011

Towhid1 : whts ur fav holiday destenation ???
Mallika Sherawat : Towhid1....Paris

Towhid1 : do u knw how 2 cook ????
Mallika Sherawat : Towhid...No i dont

luv3rB0Y : HI, Mallika i m a diehard fan of urs, i have seen all ur movies.. ur a wonderful actress,
Mallika Sherawat : oh sweetie u deserve a kiss luv3rBOY

Vinay Teja : what is your beauty secret ?
Mallika Sherawat : Vinay...Discipline...Sleep early and be a Vegetarian.

sunnymann : hi Mallika from california, I know you moved here to LA what it would take to get your autograph
Mallika Sherawat : Watch First day first show of Hisss..22nd Oct

chandu : Hi MS, Are you in India for your Bday?
Mallika Sherawat : chandu...yes i am

chandu4m : Hi MS, r u coming to Pune for promotion?
Mallika Sherawat : chandu...maybe

Vinay Teja : Any plans for doing a south indian movie ? Telugu or Tamil
Mallika Sherawat : Vinay...Yes...i love Tamil and Telugu cinema

Mallika Sherawat : Vinay...Yes...i love Tamil and Telugu cinema

drav18 : Please come & visit us in Mauritius !!! We love you !!! :D
Mallika Sherawat : drav18...I love Mauritius back

Manish : y Hisss whats special?
Mallika Sherawat : Manish...becos in Hisss u will see me turn into a snake ...LIVE

sunnymann : after promos i think hiss is better than robot even story wise no disrespect to Rajni Sir
Mallika Sherawat : sunnyman...I aspire to be the female Rajinikanth

Ishaa : do u consider urself traditional, in values??
Mallika Sherawat : Ishaa...Yes I do.

drav18 : Can I watch the first show of Hisss in Mauritius & get an autograph from you ???
Mallika Sherawat : drav18...Yes sweetie

Prasad : what is the release date of hisss and what do we get if we go first day first show?
Mallika Sherawat : Prasad...Hisss releases 22nd Oct and people who watch it First Day First Show get a personally autographed Picture that is simply Sensational.

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