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I have lost touch with MF Hussain - Madhuri Dixit

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Madhuri Dixit Nene on MF Hussain's exile and her 25th B-Town year

It's dinnertime (9 pm) for Madhuri Dixit Nene in Denver, USA, when her manager Rikku, puts her call through. There's only time for a quick chat with the diplomatic Mads on her Gajagamini director MF Hussain, acting and completing 25 years in the film industry. Read on...

Director MF Hussain recently obtained Qatar citizenship. Any thoughts?
I can't comment on it. I have no idea if the news is true and whether he has already got it or not as I am not in touch with him. I haven't spoken to Hussainsaab for a long time as he's very busy traveling, we lost touch. Hussainsaab is all over the place and he has always been like that...

What's the one thing that you remember about MF Hussain?
His insatiable search to learn is something. He wants to learn so many things and he's willing to travel or do whatever is required for that. In his art too Hussainsaab is someone who goes all out. There were times when he would just keep painting for hours and I would tell him to relax and he would tell me 'Madhuri when I paint, I relax.' We require some time out from our work to relax but for Hussainsaab his art is his relaxation.

Any plans to coming back home for more films?
I will come back when I get appropriate offers in all ways. The film has to be presented well, the script has to be interesting and exciting but not necessarily centered around me. I miss my art (acting) sometimes but my kids are still so small that I am kept very busy with them and right now, I don't have much time to do anything else.

It's 25 years since your first film Abodh released....
I am deeply honoured to be a part of this wonderful industry. It's given me so much and has been a beautiful place to be in. The film industry gave much more than what I could have dreamed of.

A lot of stars today are on Twitter. Have you thought about it?
Yes, I have heard Twitter is a big thing now and people keep asking me to join it but I always tell them I have two twittering things in my house - my sons Arin (7) and Ryan (5) who keep me busy all the time! (Laughs) Arin is 7 years old and Ryan is 5.

What's happening to the Broadway musical dance show Saroj Khan was planning with you?
I have to talk to Sarojji and find out what she's planning and what's on her mind. Nothing has been finalised as it's too early to talk about it.

Even Subhash Ghai was writing a script for you...
If something good and exciting comes up I will do it.

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