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"Uday Chopra is very nice and friendly person" - Saidah Jules

By: By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee
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German model and actress Saidah Jules who makes her debut in Yash Raj Films movie Pyaar Impossible is very excited to be making her debut under the biggest banner in Bollywood. Saidah sings praises for the entire Pyaar Impossible team especially Uday Chopra. Oneindia's Subhadeep Bhattacharjee has an exclusive interview with Saidah, ahead of the release of Pyaar Impossible

You are making your debut in Bollywood. Tell us something about yourself. How did you come to Bollywood?
In one way it was destiny and luck, in other - hard work. I am creative person and i have always been in creative industry since childhood. I like showbiz, i like movies, and acting was always part of my life so it was never a question to me what i want to do professionally. Since I live in India we have Bollywood here, I like Indian cinema. But i did hard work as well. I believe hard work always pays and u have to work hard towards anything in life, but destiny has something in it too. I believe in destiny as well.

What is your character in Pyaar Impossible?
It's a comedy and my part is funny as well. My character looks good and funny I would say

What has been your chemistry with Uday Chopra?

It was very good. Uday Chopra is very nice and friendly person. He is very professional as well. We had screens together and since it was my first experience in film like that he made me feel very comfortable and explain to me how to do, it was really great. He was very helpful and i liked working with him. Looking forward to work with him again.

How has Priyanka Chopra been as a co-actress?
She was awesome. She is very positive person and friendly. I really liked working with her.

How has the experience been working with an young director like Jugal Hansraj?
Bahut acha hain. Jugal is very cooperative and sweet person to work with.

You are making your debut under the biggest banner in Bollywood. How does it feel?
It feels great of course. When I got a chance to act in Pyaar Imposable I immediately said "yes" without even thinking much what my role is about. To have an experience of working with the biggest banner in Bollywood, it doesn't come every day, and it's definitely a great start for future projects.

Has it been difficult for you it to get a break in Bollywood coming from Germany?
It was not exactly like that. At present my family live in Germany, but I did not come from Germany to India, I was living in many countries and most of all in India. I grown up in India and I truly feel it's country what my heart belongs to and where my home is and will always be. I feel very much Indian inside since Indian culture is a big part of me and I follow it, I live in it. I always was connected to art, creativity, work, I always wanted to be actress and I am, so Bollywood is a huge part of a country what I truly love and live in.

Have you managed to learn a bit of Hindi?
Haan, mudje hindi torda torda bolti hoon aur samajti hoon :-) I had some classes before and it's definitely in process. Since I live here its very important to understand what people talk about and it's important to be able to talk with simple people outside.

You"re also doing Neeraj Pathak's Right Yaaaa Wrong. What"s the update on that front?
It's already done, we completed the shoot. It was amazing and i really like a lot my role in it:-)) Hopefully people will see it soon

Do you have any other Bollywood project after Pyaar Impossible and Right Yaaaa Wrong?
Yes and there are many things I am looking forward to. In Bollywood there are wonderful movie directors and I definitely would love to work with them.

I would wish to everyone to have love in life, because its the most beautiful feelings in the world. Love is always possible......

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