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Amitabh Bachchan expresses his humble thoughts on his blog

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Amitabh Bachchan – A name synonymous with charm, humility, determination and perseverance has undoubtedly gone through a lot of hardships to finally succeed and win the respect of people across the globe. Amitabh Bachchan, in spite of all the fame and glory that he has achieved is a humble and simple human being at heart.

What makes Amitabh Bachchan so different from other actors?

Read on to understand the thinking process of veteran Amitabh Bachchan in his blog on bigadda...

Jalsa, Mumbai Sept 6 , 2011          Tue 11: 29 PM

It is Filmistan Studio and it is the place where I attempted to enter on many an occasion to seek a job and would get turned out by the gate keeper on arrival.
There are identifiable faces that man the doors of the studio floors. They have aged beyond recognition, but still man the same doors, with that same welcome smile and affection, only now I notice a certain reserve within them of embarrassment, a withdrawal as I step in and greet them. They - with the wonder whether I still recognize them. I - with the wonder to still find them at their posts after all these years !!

When I shake their hand or put my arm around their shoulder in affection they seem to almost melt in humility wondering whether I show them respect or sympathy. They have lived in this temperament throughout. I do not blame them for being thus. For they could not have been any other. They are simple souls. Their simplicity to me is their greatest strength, content as they are in this their final and perhaps ultimate post.

Jalsa, Mumbai Sept 5, 2011          Mon 11 : 30 PM

As I sit down for my daily ritual at my laptop, I register that I have only just returned from a rather tough and tiring day at KBC. Fulfilling but tough. The show format is a given and cannot be changed, but the quality of those that come with immense expectancy on the Hot Seat in front of me, are made of sterner stuff.

They are the true India that we seldom get to see. They have principles, humbleness, grit and dignity despite their most unlivable conditions. They have a smile on their faces and a hidden emotion within. They are self respecting and determined.

My admiration for all of them increases by the day. Theirs is not a story of weak elements, of despair and the reality of grim situations. Theirs is the life well lived in hardship. A life they dream of changing each day.

They are the ones that make this show so desirable and wanted, for they know, that in this opportunity of theirs lies greater talent, greater wisdom and greater creations !!

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