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Bollywood celebrities react to Mumbai blasts

Posted By: Raymond Ronamai
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The July 13 triple blast in Mumbai that left 21 people death and over hundred injured has left every Indian angry, and Bollywood celebrities are no exception. Indian celebrities have taken to Twitter to express their anger on the terrorist attack and criticise the indifferent attitude of the politicians. They also lend their moral support to the families of the victims. Here is what Indian actors have to say about the barbaric attack:

Amitabh Bachchan
“Bomb blasts in Mumbai .. !! God ! I hope people are safe !! prayers ! And more prayers ! Is that all we can ever do in situations like this .. ? Feel helpless and frustrated ...!"

Shahrukh Khan
“En route india and mumbai...I am devastated and saddened by the loss in my city. May Allah bless us..want to be there as quickly as possible."

Hrithik Roshan
“Feeling sad, angry and helpless!I pray for the families of the victims. On a resilient note, I need to believe that der r some good leaders, some good men in position of power out there in the govt 2 guide this city, to do d right thing without getting entangled in the web of politics! Wherever u are pls come forth and fight for this city! Rectify the wrongs!show us the way!the common man needs assurance that u exist!! My MUMBAI needs YOU.... NOW!!" he wrote.

Preity Zinta
“My heart goes out2 all the families dat have suffered losses. How many times r v supposed 2 bleed & how many times r v supposed to forget? May god give peace to the souls of the departed and strength to the people who have been left behind in grief!"

Celina Jaitley
“Is the life of Indian citizens So amn expendable & CHEAP that we constantly are victims of bomb blasts like some bloody seasonal sale? No wonder no one cares. Netas, babus, cops, investigating agencies. They know Mumbai will heal itself. It always does."

Priyanka Chopra
“I'm so saddened by whats happened in mumbai.. my heart wrenches at the though of what the families of the victims r going thru..its so wrong. why do we have to always accept this terrorism..why r we always told to move on.. I WONT STAND FOR TERROR ANYMORE..and i WILL NOT FORGET! i wish i was back in my city to share this grief.. MUMBAI MERI JAAN..!!!!!"

Shahid Kapoor
“3 blasts in mumbai .. Please head home !!!!! Repeated incidents we still remain ill prepared to handle terror ! Its sad and frustrating ! A silent prayer for all those lost !"

Anupam Kher
“'Spirit of Mumbai' has a lot to do with Livelihood. People have to work to provide for their families. But inside they are ANGRY and HURT." “I am sick and tired of people making 'Politically Correct' statements. They usually come from those who are least affected by the tragedy."

Shilpa Shetty
“In Vegas jus heard abt the Blasts in Mumbai. Deeply saddened & strongly condemn the serial terror attacks prayers &condolences..Condolences to precious lives lost & speedy recovery to the seriously injured. What a disgusting act of cowardice!:(:( :(“

Bipasha Basu
“In d garb of resilience v keep forgetting incidents lke this again n again! Its sad as no one is ever punished!Loss of life has become a joke! We keep condemning acts of terrorism and that's where the story ends everytime and repeats again!Its a shame!"

Arjun Rampal
“Mumbai attacked once again by cowards? Can't understand, if New York and London can make sure it doesn't happen again then why can't we? My condolences and prayers to all those families whose loved ones have become victims. An emotion of utter helplessness sinks in again."

Farhan Akhtar
“I hope the Central and State government wake up to Mumbai's continuing woes and do something to help our city get it's confidence back."

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