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Shahrukh Khan is better than Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, claim fans

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We had asked our readers two days back who they thought would be the best Bollywood celebrity to represent India as the brand ambassador – Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan. Here is what our readers have to say....

Shahrukh Khan Rulezz
Shahrukh Khan is truly a brand in himself as he's a true global superstar! We all can't deny the fact that he is ruling Bollywood since last 2 decades. And that Salman Khan really doesn't possess any acting skills and Aamir's films run just because of their story but SRK makes a film blockbuster just by his presence and awesome acting skills unlike Salman and Aamir!! That is why he has the biggest fan following round the globe, far more than that of Tom Cruise !! That is why he is called the King !

Polly Ghuman
Salman is the best brand ambasador, He sells.

uzair khan
It has to be the King of Bollywood: SRK.

Nishil Sen
Salman Khan. His Brand power is starting to work worldwide too. Most remarkable persona in India. Infact, India's most desirable. Noted whether for his good looks or great personalty, Salman Khan treats his fans rights and gives them what they really want. And yet, he has overcome all the stupid publicity stunts pushed towards him. Salman's dance moves, his dressing sense and catchy dialogues are spread all over the world. Salman Khan is truly the king of Bollywood Boxoffice.

Rashed Kabir
The real thing is at least the three Khans are doing such a hard job to entertain us they are all good. This is how people should see every Khan whether it's Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan Or Aamir Khan People are stupid just like all of them.

Is that a question? It has to be the King of Bollywood: SRK. Here is why: Who has been the most successful actor from these three in the last two decades? Shahrukh Khan - everybody will agree to this. Who has the most fan following around the world in Bollywood? Shahrukh Khan - everybody will agree to this. Who has the most brand endorsements in Bollywood? Shahrukh Khan - everyone knows this. Thank you!

WE are talking about the brand ambassador of india ...as per what's written about them on top the clear choice would be Shahrukh Khan simple rule he is famous and known in world..we need someone who is known in the whole world...intelligent and witty ..and world famous

Rashed Kabir
Aamir is never the right choice just as he stays silent and Salman is never the choice as he is jealous about Shahrukh Khan.

Sharukh Khan Rulezz
Whole world knows who is a better star !! No one knows Salman Khan outside India and that before Wanted, all his movies were ultra super duper flops!!! The hit percentage of SRK is much more than Flop King Salman!!! Shahrukh Khan owns Bollywood.

Johanna Poppa
Salman Khan is the right choice because he is the best actor at this moment, he has the most good heart and he help lots of people and of course he is the most handsome so Salman is perfect to represent India everywhere in the world.

suryakant saini
of course it has to be Aamir khan! Aamir is authentic and reliable.

Salman Khan is the best in all three.

Ace Khan
Aamir is the right choice for the brand ambassador for india frm film industry coz he is also d ambassador of Indian culture and UNICEF Nd he is more reliable, social ND capable person than d other 2... so ACE KHAN should be appoint for d job...

I too agree....Aamir is the right choice.

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