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Aamir Khan's Dhoom 3 Trailer Review: A Copy Of NYSM?

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Ever since Aditya Chopra confirmed the casting of Aamir Khan for Dhoom 3, film goers were eagerly waiting to see the trailer of the movie. The theatrical trailer of the film, which was released on YouTube on October 30, has got overwhelming response. It has been viewed by 1 million people on this video-sharing website. The video has received mixed reviews from the viewers. A few say that it is a copy of Now You See Me.

The trailer of Dhoom 3 shows that the movie will have more style and panache than its prequels. Most of the viewers have liked the looks of Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and Katrina Kaif, its grand visual effects, breathtaking action and stunts and background score. But one complaint that many have against the film is that the main concept has been copied from Hollywood movie Now You See Me.

After watching the Dhoom 3 trailer, Dheeraj Edge comments, "Lol... the magicians stealing concept is more similar like in Hollywood movie-Now You See Me and the bike fighting scene seems to like they are originally from another Hollywood movie-Torque..lol."

Sooraj Nair comments, "#Withduerespect - The movie seems like the ditto copy of the Hollywood movie 'Now you see me' ! - Background music is copied from 'Max Payne 1' & 'Need for Speed MW'. - Poster is copied from 'Dark Night Rises'. - Some scenes are taken from the movie 'The Prestige' ! Just one question.. Dear Aamir Khan, Where is perfection now!"

Ahmad Ali argues, "Like this comment so everyone see it. For the last time "Now You See Me" was released this year, this movie was completed like last year. How can it be a copy of it, guys please use your brains?"

We bring you some unique opinions of viewers on YouTube. Continue to see them in the slideshow.

Shah Shaheen

Dhoom was a simple cop - thief chasing movie.. with Dhoom 2 focused only on style and action with no sense of story at all. Dhoom3 smells good storyline with style+action.

Khalsa Lakhvir-SINGH

UnCONvincing trailer. with the likes of abhishek and uday in the movie, this movie does not excite at all. Aamir may give his best but screenplay and characterisation will probably not do enough to get this movie top ratings.

Sagar Khetia

Disappointing Trailer, Jackie and Aamir khan will make sure this movie will be FLOP, Aamir khan is misfit for the role and its clearly visible from his expressions in the trailer. Aamir you should admit that you cant do such roles and do what you do best, stay still and keep crying in movies...and some blind moviegoers will keep telling you that you are perfect, well you are not and this trailer is another proof. FLOP FLOP FLOP

Anik Ahmed

I like amir khan, but this is a thriller action but those action scenes signifies that the genre is fantasy. cinematography is good actually better than Krrish 3. special effects can be better as it's an imax theatrical trailer.........one more thing why uday chopra still spoils dhoom series?

Shruthi S

Batman and Superman fiy does that mean copy or inspired. Holyshit.... God knows why they are comparing it with NYCSM. Time Travel is the concept used that's it. By the way D:3 pre-production already started in 2011 with Aamir signing the movie. Movie was half done in 2012 and still the movie NYCSM was not released. Now that the movie NYCSM has released 5 months before D:3 trailer does that mean copy to you people?

Shramona Chatterjee

The trailer z highly disappointing....Aamir khan doesn't suit da role at all.....aftr Hrithik gave us a handsome,charming and intelligent theif..aamir z highly mismatch to that image..evn the dialogues r poor..abhisekh looks far bette than him...utterly disappointed...

Nadir rosel

@Shramona Chatterjee However, Aamir looks more intelligent and charming than poor Hirithik who just concentrate on his fashion and hair colour and his makeup hhhhhh...The real image of Action of full of Zeal will never be done perfectly except with the perfect Star Amir Khan the perfectionist loool

Amanda Khan

The trailer isextremely disappointing. No amount of fancy cars, stunts and gloss can make up for the fact that Aamir Khan does not suit the role. The role demands a tall and handsome actor with a good physique like Hrithik Roshan, John Abraham, Akshay Kumar. First of all, Aamir looks lost on a bike that is far too big for him and second of all, Abhishek looks much more powerful than Aamir when they are in the same frame. This film needs Hrithik Roshan!

Mohit tahilramani

people say its a copy of hollywood flick lyk now you see me.. Arey bhai dono film me patte he or thoda jadu he to iska matlab yeh nahi he ki vo copy hui.. Now you see me 2013 me release hui or d3 aamir khan ne 2011 me sign krli thi or script bhi phle hi finalize ho chuki thi.. rhi bat the dark knight ki to vo mene bhi sekhi he mujhe to kuch copy nahi lg rha dono films me bhut fark he..plz trailer se judge mt kro jakar film dekhna fr pta chlega kya hoti he aamir khan ki film.

Tarun Gupta

Brilliant stuff. For Indian standards this is looking really good. Aamir intense as always. Gotta appreciate the work hes put in for this. We ll be seeing his acrobatic skills in the movie. At this age, this is some good reinvention. Waiting for this one!

Bhaskar Agnihotri

This is a suggestion to Aditya Chopra that for future Dhoom installment try to come up with a story that could amalgamate the super villaines from the previous three films just like Hollywood is doing with THE FAST AND THE FURIUOS by introducing JASON Statham but I sincerly feel that they need to introduce some new charecter for Policeman's Role as Abhishek and Uday alone cannot handle Aamir,John and Hrithik

Suvro Mukherjee

Wow!! The trailer looks awesome and very extravagant. Its clear that the movie belongs 2 only one man- Aamir Khan,he's looking fantastic,i hope he lives up 2 the expectation. Am a bit disappointed with the fact that KATRINA KAIF was hardly shown in the trailer, since am a huge fan of her. But its ok, am sure she will get enough screen-space in the movie. Waiting eagerly for DHOOM:3

Sradhendu Sahoo

I guess this will be richer in content than both the previous films in the franchise...Aamir is always a great actor but here at some places he seems a misfit honestly... Knowing the limitations of amir they could hav reduced the no of bike stunts... cos thats the only thng thats making this a bit awkward... Rest is jus so well made... Love the concept of clown thief!!! Eagerly waiting.

Aditya Pai

Both D:3 and NYCSM have been under production parallelly. Both used same concept - Magic, Time Travel. Both are 2013 release. Both started their productions in 2011. Now do you say that as a copy. If that is so Batman is copied from Superman because both are superhero movies. Lol.... Get a life loosers.

Vicky Sharma

One of the best trailer. Why r people of other actor barking. If u dont like somebody just dont watch it. Why to criticize n hurt other it is so not cool to say midget if aamir is short it is his genetic. But u should appreciate the fact even with that he blow us with his tall performance. I dont get do srk or other actor fan r paid to say all this bs. I will not respond to any of anti comment. I will watch the movie 10 Time n will enjoy. Those who want to bark keep on as no use telling

Saurjit Paul

Trailer looks very promising... captured in IMAX camera(Same used in Dark Knight Rises).. gr8 location... just wanna knw how they managed to pull Amir and Katrina together..Height Issue.. LOL.. otherwise two Thumbs UP for D3 Team...


Many mistakes in trailer...
1. Uday and abhishek India scene...wid yello bike wen abhi is having rode............in two different scenes shown in d trailer ..d bike changes from bmw to Yamaha r15..look very closely
2. The first scene of Amir coming down of building copy from mi4 nd also wid poor vfx
3.aamir is not kicking d cop bike....he is a stuntman...nd exat moment after d kick d scene is cut...I mean changed.....so...we can predict thatt its not so good way to kick...hahahah
4. Amir in last wid rod on d bike...he picks up his bike by front wheel..nd swinging d rod....I mean crap...its not possible
5. Aamir is being chased by cop cars in a very narrow street.........observe d shadow of d building ahed of the bike..........d shadow all of a sudden increases wen d cop car comes right aftr a second....crap

Venkat S Venky

Amazing Aamir..... His emoting just rocks the trailer! "Main Ghar Aa Gaya Baba...". That dialog shows the real Aamir. He looks super cool in those circus scenes. Abhishek looks rarely good, and the Dhoom series is one of those rare ones where he is good... Katrina looks dashing too! I think this movie will look spectacular in IMAX. Bring it on, baby!!!

Neil J

People are thinking that Dhoom 3 copied Now You See Me because it was released first. Initially, Dhoom 3 was going to be released in Christmas of 2012, but due to the forecast at that time they decided to go with early release date of 2013, before the Now You See Me movie was going to be released. That idea eventually got postponed to Christmas of 2013. Dhoom 3 Pre-Production started in early 2011. Now You See Me Pre-Production started in mid 2011.

Imran Zafar

Theatrical is good,but Amir is not looking good due to his stature...its looking funny....movie will be good as there will be lots of stunts and effects but he is not perfect for this role

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