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Top 10 Bakwas Scenes Of Akshay Kumar's Boss

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The recently released Akhsay Kumar movie Boss mostly received negative reviews from the critics and yet it is doing well at the Box Office. This clearly shows the difference between a good and a hit film.

One needs to understand that just because a movie is a hit, it does not necessarily mean that it is a good one too. This may make you wonder what factor makes a film a hit! Well, a hit is plainly based on monetary matters and how well a film works at the Box Office.

Even with reviews that said that Boss is a torture, we see that in just five days, the movie has fetched more than Rs 40 crores at the Box Office. At this pace, this so called action-comedy movie has the chances of even touching Rs 100 crore. Then everyone will call Boss a Blockbuster.

Entertainers are supposed to make us laugh and smile. Such movies are meant for us to relax and escape from our monotonous lives, but Boss clearly fails at doing so. It tries hard to entertain, but forget about laughing, it does not even make us smile. There are so many things that are over done in this film which is a remake of a Malayalam movie named Pokkiri Raja. We have made a slide show to tell you what are the things that went wrong in Boss.

Do not miss the slide show for the top 10 silly scenes from Boss...

Power Plant

This is the lamest joke in the entire movie when Akshay Kumar's sweat drops on the floor and plant grows out of it. Seeing this another character in the film asks, "Paseene mein itne power?" In response Akshay (Boss) says that it's 'Power Plant'. The makers could not get sillier than this!

Silly Smile

No one knows why, but we see that Akshay Kumar holds a silly smile throughout many action and chase scenes during the movie. He even dances while fighting. He's probably trying to show his confidence through that, but does not come across the same way.

Jogging Trucks

For your information, do not correct someone if they say that they are jogging on trucks and not track. For all you know they may actually be hopping from truck to another like Akshay Kumar does in Boss.

Tilted Car

After an action scene is over at the beginning of the movie, for some reason Akshay Kumar makes a grand entry for a song as the introductory credits roll in. For this one, he stands atop a tilted car which is moving. You may even laugh at this while it's not meant to be funny.

Bum Cheeki Bum

Boss has even managed to plant a boom in a buffoon's bum. Akshay Kumar calls this the 'bum cheeki bum' and says that he has timed the bomb and placed it right in the middle of his rear.

Shakti Kapoor

To remove the bomb in the bum, we have a cameo appearance of Shakti Kapoor who is a plumber.

Big Boss Vest

Akshay Kumar even sports a vest that says 'Bigg Boss' on it. To top this he has dialogues written all over his hand and the back of his vest to help his brother (Shiv Pandit) to say his lines.

Human Chair

Akshay Kumar, the Boss does not need any royal chair in the film. He has his own mobile human chair that can be formed at anytime and anywhere.

Music Fight

At the beginning of the movie Akshay Kumar says that he needs music if he has to fight. So when the wires to the speakers get cut, his team manages a back-up drum set. However, we see that Akshay is easily fighting without any music in the latter part of the film.

Random Appearance Of Sonakshi Sinha

Although Sonakshi looks stunning in the movie, we don't see any explanation for her appearance in the song. She is seen in party thrown by Boss, and Akshay even refers to her as 'Sonakshiji'. So what was actress Sonaskhi doing as herself in this party!

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