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Chennai Express - Audience Review: A Colourful And Fun-Filled Entertainer

By: Naina
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Chennai Express, I boarded this train without any expectations, and guess what, the journey was really good. Read on to know more...

The story of Chennai Express is all about Rahul who wants to go for a trip to Goa with his friends but has the responsibility given by his grandmother to immerse his beloved grandfather's ashes in Rameshwara. He utters a lie to his grandmother that he is going to Rameshwaram and boards Chennai Express, thinking he can get down in between, in some station and can join his friends.

Fate had something else, he meets Deepika Padukone, who says she is kidnapped by goons, who later turns out to be her relatives. She had run from her home to escape from getting married. Deepika takes SRK's help to escape from her father, but later falls in love with SRK. How they escape from Deepika's father form the rest of the story.

The story mentioned above is nothing new, and I won't say it's predictable. Almost all stories in Bollywood are predictable. It is not boring either, since you will be engrossed in the comedy part of the movie.

Rohit Shetty in Bol Bachchan had taken the concept of puzzles being directly translated to English (which was meaningless, funny and sometimes over the top). In this movie, he has taken the concept of singing and talking instead of just speaking, which is impressive.

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Chennai Express And DDLJ

Seems like Rohit Shetty wanted the magic of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge here too. The movie somewhere starts with DDLJ (train scene). Check out the picture.
The comedy played here is really funny and must watch.

Chennai Express, DDLJ

Not only this, the film also ends with DDLJ. Wondering how? Check the picture, don't you find some similarity here.
Shahrukh, in DDLJ, fights with Kajol's to be married guy and convinces her father that he (SRK) is best match for her. Here too the same happens, SRK fights with Nikitin Dheer (Tangaballi) whom her father is very fond of and wants his daughter to get married to him. He wins a fight, convincing her father that he (Shahrukh/Rahul) is the best groom for Deepika (Meenamma).

SRK In Chennai Express

Shahrukh has played the role of 40 year old Rahul, as halwai well. Though he looks old in some scenes, he has the same charm and will impress the audience. I agree that he has done overacting in few places but at the same time he has mocked himself in many scenes. For example, the way he mocked himself from the movie My Name Is Khan with a dialogue is appreciable.

SRK In Action

SRK in action reminds you of his other movies like Karan Arjun, Ram Jaane, Daar, etc. He has performed the stunts well.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika as Meenamma has performed her role brilliantly. She has carried off herself as a South Indian girl very well. She looks simple and beautiful in her south Indian costumes. I can say, this is her best acting after Cocktail.

Deepika In Comedy Scenes

Though her Tamil accent in Hindi doesn't seem original, it will definitely make you laugh. The way she says words like 'Chalo', 'bookwas', 'halwai,' etc., will surely tickle your funny bone. With this, she has proved herself that she can carry off comedy roles well.


After Om Shanti Om, this is SRK and Deepika's second movie together. Thought the couple could not create the same magic as that of their previous movie, they look good together.

Sathyaraj and Nikitin

Sathyaraj, who played the role of Deepika's father and the main antagonist in the movie, has played his role very well. Tangaballi, played by Nikitin Dheer, the don of another village in the movie is also impressive.

In Rohit Shetty's movie, villain also becomes a comedian! Yes, Tangaballi, during an action scene acts like a comedian, which is really funny.

Action scenes

The scenes have been wonderfully captured in Rohit Shetty's ishtyle. You can see all those you saw in Rohit's previous movies - Cars flying, unbelievable stunts, breaking bottles and other things on head.... the list goes on.


Rohit Shetty has showed Tamil Nadu in a colourful way. The train and railway station has been picturisation very well. A scene on board a train passing next to Dudhsagar Falls is well shot.


The songs of the movie at first seems to be ridiculous, but after listening to them for few times, you will definitely like. 'Titli' is good and melodious. On the whole, songs are average.

Priyamani's Item Song

Though the song '1 2 3 4 get on the dance floor', which features Priyamani and SRK, is not impressive, you may like it when played visually. Priyamani has performed well in the song.

Lungi Dance

To be frank though the lyrics of 'Lungi Dance' is not good, loved the music. Both SRK and Deepika are good in the song. But SRK sans Lungi, dancing in suit is a big 'No No'. It would have been good if he used lungi as his costume in the song.


This is the second movie which made sense after Golmal, among Rohit Shetty films, for me atleast. Overall, the movie is a fun drive. You can board the train at least ones. Yes, it is a 'MUST' one time watch.

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