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Dhoom 3: Audience Review - Should Be Renamed As Clown!

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Dhoom... We enter the theatre to watch an amazing movie and what do we end up with - Not Dhoom but 'Doom'! This movie doesn't even match the Dhoom standards. Villain's entry is in a Dhoom way, but the way the hero enters is no little than a clown - A laughing stock! In fact, there is no need for circus or clown, the movie itself is a circus and the stars themselves are clown. Movie is just bearable because of non-living things (bikes) and of course, Aamir Khan and partly Katrina Kaif.

The story of Dhoom 3 is all about two boys - Sahir and Samar, who want to take revenge on their father's death in Chicago. Sahir is brave, bold and intelligent, while Samar is innocent and just a shadow of Sahir. According to Sahir and his father, Samar is a farista that God has sent and is just shadow of Sahir. The two, in order to destroy the person who is responsible for the death of their father, rob banks. Here they end up meeting Jai and Ali, who are specially appointed by Chicago Police to catch the robber(s). As usual, though they solve the puzzle, with all circus stunts in bikes and all, they land up not catching the robbers.

The story is average but the stunts are over the top. If we compare the previous two series of Dhoom, this is nothing in front of them. Aamir Khan, though has tried a lot to be a macho man, he doesn't suit the bill - though acting is awesome, he is too short and he can't fit into John Abraham or Hrithik Roshan. It's not Aamir type of movie (3 Idiots or even Fanaa). Though it is contradicting to say, I'll end by saying it's totally an Aamir Khan show.

Click on the slides to know why I said the movie should be named as a Clown!

Aamir Stunts

Aamir robs a bank and the way they show him on top of building is unbelievable, over the top stunt. It is shown for such long time that leaves every one laughing.

Aamir Tap Dance

Aamir Khan's tap dance is a big No No. He looks so short and though he has tried his best, he doesn't match to that macho type as that of John or Hrithik. This dance definitely makes you laugh.

Abhishek-Uday Entry

Back in India, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra's entry is a laughing stock. They are such clowns in the movie (sorry to say this, but it's a fact to be accepted), that dialogues are not at all required, seeing them is just enough, you start laughing.

Abhishek Bachchan

One of the best cops from India, who is appointed in CHICAGO to catch big robber(s), Abhishek Bachchan enters in an auto, can you believe this! Appointing an Indian to catch an Indian... Ahh!

Bank Robbery

The robbery happens and few people even witness the robber (Aamir). But when he comes in front of people they won't identify him. Seems like investigation is not done properly!

Aamir Bike Stunt

Aamir's bike stunt on a rope on top while escaping from cops, when almost a train is arriving is little too much.


Though believable yet not convincing. First half is damn boring with few interesting stunts. Though there are few over the top stunts, these are the ones which keep you engaged. But second half is interesting as the story unfolds here.

Aamir Khan

Aamir steals the show with his ACTING, thought he has tried his best and also looks good doing stunts, he doesn't fit the dhoom villains (John and Hrithik)! I liked Samar than Sahir in the film.

Abhishek And Uday

Abhishek and Uday, the clowns, sorry, the heros of the movie are good in their part of performance. Can't blame them for this as the script written for these two characters are really funny.

Katrina Kaif

She is just being taken for few scenes and three songs, not much significance given for her role. She is the best in performing these songs (dances), 'Kamli' is the best.


On a whole, the movie is not up to Dhoom standards. Watch it for Aamir Khan (Samar), Katrina's dance and bike stunts.

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