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Hrithik Roshan: Krrish 3 Has Changed My Life

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The much anticipated Krrish 3 is releasing on 1st November during the Diwali weekend. Fans of Hrithik and children are eagerly awaiting for the movie. He has high hopes from the film as this time there is not only one antagonist but a whole army of mutants which Krrish will be facing alone. Rohit Mehra, father of Krrish, and the protagonist from Koi Mil Gaya, is also in the movie and Hrithik will be playing a double role. He was recently interviewed by OneIndia reporter, Sonika Mishra. Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

The trailer of Krrish 3 is looking fabulous and as you said that you have worked very hard for the movie. Do you think this is your biggest release till date?

Every film I work on is my biggest release. I had to find the superhero inside me to do the part and I worked hard for it. Doctors had told me that I won't be able to do the film and even my dad told me that we will do this after three years. He told me to rest for 6-7 months. But I knew if I don't do this movie now, I won't be able to do it. So I searched inside me and found the Krrish and that helped me a lot. When I was resting I was very upset as my tummy had came out and my knees used to hurt. So I started working out and got back in shape.

Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish 3 have released after a gap of ten years. How did you find the painful while working for Krrish 3.

Spider-Man and Superman have been made 3-4 time previously but Krrish has completed a decade. If you think that you are going to rest the whole day and won't face any problems then you will never attain success. You would get bored. If you want to lead a happy life then you should be ready to face pain. You should have courage to face it. You can't control anyone, the situations but you can control your attitude. Go through the slides to view more from his interview.

What kind of impact did Krrish 3 had on your personal life.

Krrish has changed my whole life. It has taught me that we should face our problems. Even though this locket is personal but now it has become a merchandise, I always wear it and when Farah saw it, she said that we shuld make it into a merchandise fro promoting the movie.

There are many newcomers in the movie, how was it working with them?

I am very happy about the fact that we are introducing the Manavars to the industry. There is one Cheetah girl, then there is Kangana who has been created with the DNA of a chamaleon. Vivek Oberoi, who is playing the role of Kaal, has made this army by mixing DNA of animals with humans. This is the first superhero film which comes with so many special effects.

How difficult was it for you to portray the role of both Rohit and Krrish.

It was quite difficult as I was playing the character of Rohit almost after seven years. I had to play the father as well as the son. On one side there was the innocence of Krrish and on the other hand, the courage of Rohit. It was very challenging to play the double role. In fact, Rohit is the real hero of the film and not Krrish or Krishna. The whole story is based on him and playing him after 2002 was really special as his character is an integral part of mine since my early days.

Whom do you enjoy working under more, your dad or your friends. Do you and your dad quarrel when you are making a movie.

It doesn't matter if it's my dad or my friends, it is more important to move forward as a team. We fight a lot but if people are passionate about a film, they do have different thinking. Sometimes I don't feel right about something he is saying but there should be no ego in creativity. Me and my dad have no ego and even if we fight but the eventual result is good for the film. If we don't share a common point we don't move forward.

Many years have elapsed since Krrish and Krrish 3. Do you ever get the feeling that now I should make the movie.

Saturation point depends on the time. If you ask me when are you going to make Krrish 4 then I will tell you to wait. But saturation point only comes if you are not excited about that particular thing.

Your family and friends recently saw the movie. How did they find it?

Friends and family will never say bad about anything. They really liked the movie and Suzanne told me that this is my best work till date. But I am waiting for the release of the film and the audience reaction will tell me whether the movie has been appreciated or not.

If we talk about technology, Krrish 3 is the best of the lot. Tell us something about the special effects and techniques used in the movie.

This is the first Indian film in which none of the shot has been done by a foreign technician. I am happy that my dad had full faith in the talent of our people and that they can do it all by themselves., When my dad was shooting for the movie he knew that the Indian artist are not prepared for it and he started with special visual effects. He gave them a time of about one and a half year and I am delighted by the fact that their work was appreciated by everyone. This will give a new identity to the Indian artists.

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