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Photos: Jiah Khan Strangled To Death With A Belt, Says Forensic Report

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Jiah Khan's mother recently filed a fresh petition to the court regarding her daughter's mysterious death. Jiah, who was a Bollywood actress passed away four months ago and this was declared as a suicide case by police and other reports. With the new petition and a forensic expert's report, new aspects have cropped up in the Jiah Khan death case. The forensic report claims that Jiah Khan was strangled with a belt.

Most of us believed the case to be a suicide but Jiah's mother Rabiya Amin now claims that this may be a homicidal case. She believes that her daughter was strangled to death and she has forensic reports as her proof for this claim.

We were able to have a look at the official letter issued by Rabiya's legal advisor. The report claims that Jiah was murdered. "After analysing the photos and other relevant material and from the medical experts, enough evidence has now been gathered, which clearly indicate that Jiah's death is not a suicide as claimed by Mumbai Police," said Dinesh Tiwari, the legal advisor.

"Forensic experts now deduced that a belt has been used to strangle her to death before she was actually hung from the ceiling fan to make it look like a suicide," he added.

Jiah's mother also released her daughter's dead body images which also act as a proof as they carry unexplainable scars on Jiah's neck. "The prominence of unexplained ligature marks on the neck and visible injury marks and other pieces of evidence clearly indicate foul play," explained the advisor.
Have a look at the slide show for the report and shocking images of Jiah's dead body.

New Petition

Jiah Khan's mother Rabiya has filed a new petition on her daughter's mysterious death case. The hearing on this newly cropped up details may be held this week.

Legal Advisor's Report

This is a copy of the report issued by Rabiya's legal advisor Dinesh Tiwari. It claims that Jiah was murdered.

Unexplainable Scars

There are a few unexplainable marks on Jiah's body. if you look closely, Jiah's arm has bruise. This leaves the case with more questions.

Blood Patch Found

In Rabiya's fresh petition, she has made a statement that she has preserved a blood patch she had found in a room different from where her daughter's body.

Unusual Marks

The petition talks about ligature marks that were spotted on Jiah's neck. The forensic expert found these unusual as such marks are not seen in cases of hanging.

Eyes And Tongue In Place

As per the petition, a person who hangs herself will be found with her eyes and tongue popping out, while in Jiah's case it was not the same.

Not Dupatta Scars

In the past, it was reported that Jiah Khan hung herself with a soft muslin dupatta. However, the depth of the marks found on Jiah's neck is difficult to achieve with soft material said the expert.

How Did She Hang Without A Stool?

Jiah hung herself from a ceiling fan placed very high. The petition questions how was Jiah able to do this without the help of a stool, as her home does not have a stool at all.

CCTV Proof

The petition also uses a CCTV footage as an evidence as the clip shows Jiah was in a track suit when she entered the flat a few minutes before she allegedly committed suicide. What's interesting is that her body was found dressed in a night suit. Would a person about to commit suicide change clothes right before doing it, asks the petition.

CBI Inquiry

Rabiya tells that she had given all this information to the investigating officers but they paid no heed to her. So she seeked the help of CBI inquiry. We will update you on the further development of this case.

Click here for more images of Jiah Khan's body

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