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Watch Kareena Kapoor Shake Her Booty In 'Tooh'

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Dance, dharu and dhamaka are to the fullest in the latest song titled 'Tooh'. This is a newly released dance number from the upcoming Gori Tere Pyaar Mein which stars Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan in th lead roles. It is a faced paced fun number in which has Kareena Kapoor shaking her booty in most of the steps.

The word 'tooh' is taken from Punjabi. It refers to a woman's behind. The song is set in a wedding which is filled with fun. The song gives us a sneak peak into the movie which is set to hit the theatres on November 22. It is in this song that the film's pair - Kareena and Imran first meet.

As the song has just been released, lead actor Imran Khan feels that the women are going to love it. "I'd heard the scratch version way before we actually shot it. Even then, it sounded fun and just the kind of cheeky and naughty thing that is so Punit Malhotra (director). I'd completely cracked up when I heard it. The song just grows on you. It's more a girl's song and they're going to love it," said Imran.

Have a look at the slide show to see for images and video of Kareena groove.

Kareena's Booty Shake

This newly released 'Tooh' song from Gori Tere Pyaar Mein features Kareena shaking her behind.

Imran Khan

Lead actor Imran Khan was speaking about this new song and he tells us that he has the hottest booty in town. "I truly think I have the hottest backside," said Imran.

Focus On Bebo

Imran quickly added that Kareena comes second in the list. He sad, "Kareena has the hottest backside after mine. When we started shooting the song, there was this one scene where you only see my back, as the focus was on Bebo."

Imran Drops His Jaws For Bebo's Moves

Imran was full of praises for his co-star Kareena. As spoke more about the song, he said, "She (Kareena) turned and did this one step and I was like whoa! It was as if I was hit with something. Her moves were so deadly."

Sexy And Gracful

Imran tells us that he found Kareena balanced in the song. "She is so sexy and yet so graceful. She has struck the perfect balance in this song," he expressed. Do watch the song in the further slides and tell us if you found her sexy or graceful.

The Setting

The entire setting of the song is just gorgeous. The beautiful lights are perfect for a wedding party number.

The Ladies Song

'Tooh' is a god dance number specially for the ladies. One can move their hips like the ladies do in this song still.

Bright Colours

As bright colours are the 'in thing' this season, Kareena and the other background dancers don bright and contrasting colours for this song.

Punjabi Wedding

The second half of the song features the actors in different costumes. The dance and dhamaka is taken outside in the open and Kareena continues to groove and Imran joins her.

Watch The Video Here

Be it for a part or a sangeet ceremony, we think this is a good number to dance to. So all the ladies get ready to shake that tooh.

Click here to watch video of the full song

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