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Pictures: Priyanka Chopra At Planes Premiere

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Priyanka Chopra is is flying high with her upcoming Hollywood movie Planes. Just like the movie cars, planes is an action-packed 3D animated comedy. The actress-singer is very excited about this movie. The actress was at the El Caption Theatre in Los Angeles for the premiere of Planes. The actress was very thrilled and she even took her mom along for her Hollywood premiere.

Priyanka revealed that she is huge fan of Disney movies. She is so glad that this opportunity came to her. "Disney is one of my favourite movie makers of all time. I love all Disney movies," Chopra said. "In my head, I'm Tinkerbell. I'm a fairy and if I could be anybody, I'd be Tinkerbell with magic dust. So, it was the closest I could come to being a Disney princess I think was Ishani," said Priyanka.

Ishani is the reigning Pan-Asian champion from India in the movie. Priyanka, who lent her voice for this animated character talks a little about the character. "She's sassy and she really wants to win a world championship, but she has a really good heart," Chopra said.
"Ishani is so much like me. She is Indian, eloquent, well spoken and sexy. Having worked on more than 40 films, it's so rewarding to literally breathe life into a character like Ishani. I'm very passionate about my work," added Priyanka.

Priyanka Chopra did not want to follow stereotypes. "Because she was an Indian plane, I didn't want to give her an exaggerated Indian accent which ends up happening in a lot of stereotyped Indian characters that I see," she explained.

"I wanted her to be the way we speak, you know, which is the way I speak. And the director was totally cool with that. But I did add a few Indian words here and there- Hindi words and expressions because I wanted her to be very unique to the culture that we come from," Priyanka added.

Have a look at the slide show for images of the Planes premiere.

Priyanka Puts Herself In Ishani

The actress says that she put a lot of herself into the animated character Ishani in Planes. "I think because Ishani's this tough girl in competing in the world of boys. She's easy on the eyes but at the same time she's tough and she's a champion and, I think that's what I want to be. A champion who's easy on the eyes," said Priyanka Chopra.

Bollywood To Hollywood

The actress doesn't think this as a transition. She says that this is an expansion of her creativity. By doing music and different kinds of films, Priyanka says that she is just challenging herself.

Experience In Planes

The actress said that it was very different from being on the set but also mentions that the movie was an experience that taught her a lot to be in a room and create a character.

Stereotypes And Change

Priyanka even tells us that there is a big stereotype with Indian actors in Hollywood and they are mostly given only Indian parts. This applies the same for the accent as well. However, with the growing globalisation, she feels everything is changing.

Priyanka Chopra And Teri Hatcher

Priyanka has definitely gone places. She is much more than a Bollywood actress. The actress was seen with Hollywood actress Teri Hatcher who plays the role of Dottie in Planes.

Director Of Planes

Priyanka and Teri Hatcher pose with the director of Planes, Klay Hall. He is an American animation who has directed many movies including Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure . He is also known for his famous TV series called The Simpsons.

The Ladies And A Gentleman

The two lovely ladies pose with Hollywood actor Dane Cook. Dane plays the role of Dusty Crophopper in the movie.

Watch Out

The movie is will have world wide release on August 9 this year. Make sure you come back to our website for reviews, ratings and more photos of Planes.

Movies And Music

Apart from movies, Priyanka Chopra has lately been buzzing in the music industry. The two fields are two different types of creativity and Priyanka Chopra is juggling between the two industries. She says that it's not easy to do so and she says she needs more sleep.

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