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Priyanka Chopra On Her Role In Krrish 3 And Her Equation With Kangana

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Everyone is eagerly awaiting for the release of Krrish 3. Priyanka Chopra who is the lead actress of in the film, feels that everyone from a child to an elderly person will enjoy the it. Piggy Chops will be playing the role of Priya Mehra, who is the wife of Krrish and she will also have a little twist in her character this time. There have been reports of a rift between Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka, so Priyanka gave a clarification about the whole situation. Here are a few excerpts from her recent chat with Oneindia reporter, Sonika Mishra.

Tell us something about your dual character in the movie and how prominent is it.

It doesn't matter how long the role is. When the last movie ended Krrish is taking me to meet her grandmother and in this one I am marrie. When Rakesh sir called me about the role he was super excited and I couldn't understand why, but after reading my part I understood why. I am playing both good and bad in it. It's kind of having a dual personality. Krrish, Rohit and I live together and are friends. Vivek Oberoi is playing the role of Kaal, who is the antagonist of the movie. He and his army of mutants, they are called 'maanvar' which are a mix of human and animal. There is a chameleon girl played by Kangana, then there is scorpion, cheetah girl, rhino, frog man in it. They are in the army of Kaal and they are evil. I am normal, I am not part of the mutant space.

How do you feel about again entering the Krrish franchisee. Which is your favourite science fiction movie?

I feel really good about working in the Krrish as it is a brilliant science fiction movie and the kids will love it. And as far as my favourite film in the genre is concerned, it has to be Hatimtai.

Many Science fiction films have released in India before Krrish 3, so what strategy have you followed to make it different.

It has been shot entirely in India and the whole movie is based here. Rakesh sir felt that whenever there is an invasion by aliens or an asteroid is about to hit it is usually in America. So this time the superhero will save the people of India and Rakeshji felt that the technicians in India should also get a chance.

There were reports that you were not satisfied with your character and you liked Kangana's character better. How true is this.

I am the heroine of the movie and and I am the reason for all the action wars in the movie. Kangana's character is credible, it is an amazing role and if I had the opportunity I would have done it. I had told Rakesh sir I am ready to play that part, as everybody was saying no to doing it. 

How does it feel to work with Kangana again and what type of understanding do you guys have.

I am happy Kangana has done the role, she has done an amazing job. She is looking fabulous and it is a new thing for Hindi cinema. Whenever two actresses are working together there will be reports of catfights but nothing is wrong between me and Kangana. Our characters are also totally different so there is no reason for us to fight.

Go through the slides to read more from Priyanka's interview.

What Superpowers would you like in real life.

The first superpower i would love to have is to read people's mind because I always get the feeling that they are saying something else and thinking someother. The second would be to time travel as I would love to change somethings from my past. I am very lazy so the third superpower I want to have is a remote from which I can fast forward things.

After Hrithik Whose Character Do You Think Is Most Important.

In one film there can be various characters... if the film works then it works for me, Hrithik, Vivek and Kangana. If it doesn't work and I am the most important person in the film, then what is the point as eventually the film did not work

Will You Play The Lead In Fashion 2?

I have not heard anything about the sequel but I know the makers of thinking about it. If I am offered the part it will depend on the story whether I will do the movie or not.

Is It True That Kangana Refused The Movie Because you Were The Lead

A lot of girls rejected that role. It is really stupid to do it as it is an amazing role. I am happy Kangana has done the role, she has done an amazing job. She is looking fabulous and it is a new thing for Hindi cinema

Do You Think Zanjeer Was A Mistake?

Many of my movies have flopped at the box-office but I have never turned back and said that this was a mistake. There are many people involved in the making of a film and actors are just a small part of it. So I don't think I have made any type of mistake.

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