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The Creepiest Stalkers Of Bollywood Actresses

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Staying alone in a city is not so cool or fascinating anymore. Reason- attack by a stalker! Recently south superstar Kamal Haasan's daughter Shruti Haasan was attacked by a stalker. Shruti Haasan had no idea that she was being stalked before the man walked up to her house, rang the doorbell and tried to strangle her when she opened the door.

Celebrities are used to obsessive fans in India and often brush unwanted attention under the carpet. Controversy queen Poonam Pandey is no stranger to obsessive fan behavior. "While on a visit to Delhi recently, I was harassed by constant crank calls and some fans also banged on my room's door at night. This kind of behavior is repeated a number of times at all sorts of places."

The actor accepts that at times such behavior gets frightening. Then why has she never escalated it and involved the police? "I don't want to get involved in a police case. Mostly one doesn't have the time and as fans are involved, the police are also likely to ask me to reach a compromise," she says. She believes that this kind of unwanted attention is part of being who she is - controversial and in the public sphere. So, how does she ensure her safety especially after the attack on Haasan proves that things can, and do, turn dangerous.

In Bollywood, there have been enough instances of celeb stalking. John Abraham lodged a complaint against a male stalker in October this year. John said in his complaint that the man was harassing him and his parents with constant phone calls.

After the success of The Dirty Picture and Kahaani, Vidya Balan was also stalked by a young man who managed to enter her house. The actor's spokesperson told a newspaper, "He managed to get into her flat and asked the domestic help if Vidya had gone to meet her niece and nephew." While the police was called, the case was not pursued.

Shahid Kapoor was also stalked by the daughter of yesteryear actor Raaj Kumar, Vastavikta Pandit in 2012. The actor didn't press charges. There are fans and then there are fans that can scare the living daylights out of you. See who were the other celebs who were stalked in the past.

Check out the creepiest stalkers of Bollywood actresses...

Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan was stalked for a long time after the release of her film, ‘The Dirty Picture'. She said that at times, she used to spot him outside her film set and even lurking around her home.

Katrina Kaif

In 2009, Katrina Kaif was shocked out of her wits after she came to know that a stalker had made his way to her doorstep. It didn't just end there, this particular person was spotted multiple times around her apartment.

Kangana Ranaut

Looks like cupid made the wrong move with Kangana. A rather passionate stalker used to follow her to the gym every single day! He also kept flooding her mail box with love letters! She was so horrified that she was forced to get the cops involved in the issue.

Sushmita Sen

In a very strange turn of events, a very creepy fan sent Sushmita Sen a bridal ensemble. He didn't stop even after being threatened; in fact, he told her that if she didn't marry him, he would kill himself. Talk about being dramatic.

Minissha Lamba

It's okay to receive flirty text messages from your lover, but definitely not from some mysterious stalker! Rumour has it that the actress used to be harassed by a man who used to repeatedly call her and send her vulgar text messages. Even though she tried blocking him, he never gave up.


Asin's stalker is by far the craziest of the lot! He was so obsessed about her that he flew all the way to Singapore just to keep a tab on her. He followed her all the way to her hotel, mall and awards functions! During this trip, he even caught a few pictures of her without her knowledge.

Dia Mirza

Looks like Dia Mirza's stalker took cosplay to whole new level. Not only did the man pretend to be a doctor, he also tried to make his way in to her apartment! However, she didn't bring it up with the cops because he swore to keep away from her. Taking advantage of that fact, he started again, this time he appeared at her doorstep with a bouquet and a ring to propose to her. She eventually reported him to the police.

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