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Funny Horror Films In Bollywood That Made Us Laugh

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A horror movie is intended to scare you and entertain at the same time. Basically, a horror movie gives you goose bumps, and if directed well, can even make you pee on the bed. However, some movies do not end up at it is expected to be.

There are many horror movies in Bollywood which has failed to bring that effect on the viewer. For example, Bhootnath is one of the comedy horror flicks which is not scary at all. However, the movie clearly shows that there is no horror.

But certain horror films which are shot to bring the thrill and terrifying horror on the face of a viewer. There are some horror movies which are too funny and the horror scenes have also not made us bite our nails. Instead, the appearance of the ghost made us laugh! The cinematography, effects, acting, music and direction are all badly implemented which makes us laugh out loud.

Movies like Haunted, Aatma, Darna Mana Hai, Bhoot, Hawa, Darwaza, Pappi Gudia, Hawa etc are named horror. However, these Bollywood horror movies are funny and seriously made us laugh. Here are some of the hilarious horror movies in Bollywood that have made us laugh like crazy!

Hilarious Horror Movies In Bollywood That Made Us Laugh:


Haunted 3D is a 2011 horror film which had a really funny script. The movie overall was a fail directed by the Bhatt camp.


The film is actually confusing which will make you as, "What did just happen?" Director Suparn Verma had a very predictive plot which had no thrill in it.

Darna Mana Hai

Ram Gopal Varma has done some serious mistakes by making horror movies. Not all movies can make us get goose bumps RGV!


Is it horror by any chance? The movie was completely messed up with some over-acting done by Vivek and Lara Dutta. And then the filmy Bollywood style songs. The story was dull and failed to invoke the horror on our faces.

Pappi Gudia

This was a disastrous remake of the Hollywood film, Child's Play. Worst thing, it stars Shakti Kapoor, Oouch!!


It is another funny horror movie in the Bollywood. The rape story is vague and then seeing Tabu in this role was a shock!


It is one of the disastrous horror films made by Ram Gopal Varma. Over-acting where Fardeen is actually flying, supernatural activities which turn vague, and the scary music, every thing jumbled up to become a fun-filled entertainment film, not horror!


There is no reference to the title, and the story is also very plain. Even after the rumour of giving reward to someone who watches it alone was in the air, the movie failed to bring in audience.

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