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Hilarious Vintage Bollywood Photos Of Celebs You Have To See

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Style statements made by yesteryear celebrities are remembered even today. We see the influence in the current fashion scene as well. But by the look of these vintage Bollywood photos, it looks like they had no idea of fashion what so ever.

Fashion and beauty really are products of their ages but there is no way these pictures are remotely fashionable or pretty here in 2014. Take a look at these pictures and feast your eyes on these hilarious photos of Bollywood celebs taken in the 90s and some even before that.

Looks like back then neither the stars nor the photographers had any sense of what they were doing, same goes with the person who did the so called styling. When someone takes a picture of us, or we take our own selfie, don't we have enough sense to judge whether the picture is good or bad? Then what's wrong with these people! You have these Bollywood celebrities doing the most weirdest poses- there is a picture of Akshaye Khanna holding Karisma Kappoor's crotch area and we are like WTH!

Before you proceed any further we would like to warn you, please beware because some of the pictures are just way too yuck and hilarious and for some you might go saying WTH! Don't tell us we didn't warn you!

Take a look at the most hilarious and weird vintage Bollywood photos that you should see...

Govinda And Juhi

Who needs expensive silk costumes when you can make colorful cellophane papers and shiny aluminum foil into pretty little dresses?

Sunil Shetty

A toughie is also a softie inside. How does Sunil Shetty get the message across? Get a teddy to stand on his shoulders, of course!

Pooja Bhatt

Forget Mystique (of X-Men), Pooja Bhatt shows you what skin painting is all about! And this photoshoot caused a really big controversy when the pictures were published.

Karisma Kapoor

If we had cropped that image for you guys, you would have had no idea what Karisma was holding, would you? It's a vaccum cleaner for God's sake.

Anil Kapoor

Hey, it was not only actresses with sexual innuendos flaunting their nudity; actors had their day in the sun as well. Behold this glorious display of chest hair by Mr. Anil Kapoor!

Akshay Kumar

We do not know whether to focus on all that hair, those high jeans or the suspiciously pink nipple.

Karisma And Akshaye

Yeah, well. Even we do not understand what is going on here - but Akshaye Khanna seems very amused, as if he has been handed some prize.

Karisma and Akshay

Looks like Karisma has a lot of embarassing photos, in this she is posing with ballerina queen , Akshay Kumar.

Jaya Bachchan

Mother of photo shoots, this! And it comes with poetry too - "My heart is like a cabbage/Divided into two/The leaves I give to others/The heart I give to you". A cabbage leaf for a hat... how charming. Mrs. Bachchan sure knew how to pose in her heydays.


I don't understand why she needs to put on a Thai traditional dancer costume and jewelry if she is going to be talking about her men - but then again, I was just a kid back then.

Another Rekha Classic

Rekha is a downright diva - with her scary black cat and a hairstyle that even Lady Gaga would not be able to pull off with so much swag.


And Madhuri too was another favourite when it came to poster girls in the 80s-90s. Who would have thought a blue net cloth and some terrible lipstick can make anyone look like an Egyptian? Well, there you go!

Sushmita And Ajay Devgan

Those leather pants were probably the biggest regret in this diva's otherwise fabulous life - but it doesn't look like Ajay Devgn is complaining.

Rajesh Khanna And Zeenat

This is how you manifest your camaraderie with your co-star - block letters in purple, some questionable denims and some feminine essence. Yes, we mean you too, Rajesh Khanna.


THIS is how you pose with cigarettes. Thank goodness for strategically placed right leg - but my eyes are already burning.

Shakti Kapoor

We saved the best for the last! Check out that pose - with eyes almost screaming, "Draw me like one of your French girls..."

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