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Is This The End Of Abhishek Bachchan's Career?

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Where Abhishek Bachchan's career goes is anybody's guess. But no one can tell that it has come to a twilight zone just because he had some failures recently. A good actor is a good actor and Abhi is one of the good actors of Bollywood. But yes, his career is marred by the unending string of flops that not only diminish his brand value but also made him the butt of jokes in twitter.

It 's high time dear Junior Bachchan should save himself from the impending doom. His parents are legendary actors and his wife is a huge Bollywood star but that doesn't make any difference in the kind of dilemma Abhishek is facing now in his career. Aby Baby cannot afford to be the next Alok Nath or Neil Nitin Mukesh of twitter.

Abhishek has to take a break to weave a new plan; a new strategy that will get him to the top line of Bollywood stars and he has the mettle to do it. First of all, it would be best for him to avoid films like Players, Dum Maaro Dum, Game, Delhi 6 and Bol Bachchan. It's time for him to analyze what kind of benefits those films gifted him.

His roles in such films were not enough to make him a star like Shahrukh or Salman Khan. He needs to take up projects from good off beat directors such as Bejoy Nambiar, Nishikanth Kamath, Anurag Kashyap and many others. He needs to take up roles that enhances his image among the public.

It would be great to see Abhishek as a Harry Bosch Kind of Cop (Michael Connellys famous character) on screen. The one who is getting back stabbed from his own department and going through a lot of tragedy but wins the battle of finding a serial killer through a painful journey of psychological mining.

We recommend Abhishek to watch a film on the lines of Harry Bosch , made in Malayalam named Memories directed by Jeethu Joseph. Its lead actor Prithviraj's career was exactly where Abhi's career is now and the film took him to reveling heights.

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Is This The End Of Abhishek Bachchan's Career- Junion Bachchan, Stop Taking Up Roles In Multi Starers

Instead of playing lousy roles in multi starrers, Abhi should realize his potential and strike back and show the world what he is capable of. Instead of playing the lead role in a heroine oriented film like Delhi 6, search South Movies to get roles that can re brand your image completely.

Get The Macho Bachchan Back. Stop Doing Dostana Type Roles

If he is not taking a wise decision now and still is going to play 'Dostana' roles again and again, Abhishek is not going to become even half of what his legendary father was !

Isn't It Time To Leave Dhoom Series Which Is Non Beneficial?

Technically, he was the hero/protagonist of all Dhoom films but those films were designed to glorify the antagonists. Abhi somehow didn't figure that out. He needs to take a break from the multi starers which doesn't help him in anyway.

Abhi Should Make Use Of His Macho Personality And Should Choose Thrillers

Abhishek, who has delivered a blinder performance in films like Sarkar, should consider reading a lot of thriller books that have dark shades. Abhi's identity is his macho quality - the strong, rough voice and the tall and dark figure.

Choose Scripts That Back His Personality

So he needs to carve his space in Bollywood and it needs such scripts that back his personality.Not only just thrillers, he can perform in a great range in roles that have high maturity and depth. Why can't he try doing roles like his father did in Anand ? Having seen Abhishek's performane in Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon, we can tell that he is an actor who can make a come back anytime.

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