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10 Lesser Known Facts About Hottie Nargis Fakhri

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    Nargis Fakhri celebrated her 35th birthday yesterday, and the actress looks smoking hot. This beauty shocked us when she entered Bollywood with her debut movie opposite Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar. Nobody could believe their eyes when Nargis revealed her age.

    The beauty is one of the hottest gals in the Bollywood film industry and so she has tons and tons of male fans from all over the country. She disappointed a lot of them when she started to date Uday Chopra, people though that she had lost her senses for having to date Uday, people commented that she could do better.

    While the actress denied dating him, the leaked pictures of the actress hanging out with the YRF heir in different locales told us otherwise. Good news is that the two have supposedly broken up due to Uday pressurizing her for marriage.

    The actress has been doing really well when it comes to her career in Bollywood so may be it was a good thing ti break up for she has far better opportunities lining up for her here. After her super hit debut Nargis took quite a long break from films and was seen just doing commercial ads, even today her film count is less but her fame and popularity is going through the roof thanks to the awesome item number alongside Salman Khan in Kick.

    Her performance as an actor was much appreciated with her role of journalist in Madras Cafe. The fans got to see a whole new side of this hot beauty, she is not just pretty to look at but is quite super talented as well. She doesn't just excel at acting but had amazing rapping skills as well, which the world got to witness thanks to Hrithik Roshan's Bang Bang dare. 

    There are so many things about Nargis Fakhri like the rapping talent you fans do not know about. Here are those 10 little fun secrets of her... 

    Nargis Fakhri Bio

    She was born in Queens, New York to a Pakistani father and Czech mother.

    Tale Of Her Name

    Nargis said, "I grew up with a lot of Spanish people around, and they would call me Nalgas, which means ass-cheeks but loved it later. Nobody else had my name. And when I was modelling I would never use my last name. Ever."

    Her Ideal Man

    "If you want to win me over, all you gotta say is I wanna see the Great Wall of China, or climb the mountains of Machu-Picchu. He could be four feet tall with a limp, a little midget with a bike and I'll be like ‘weally?'"

    Her Bollywood Knowledge

    Her father used to watch films, but Nargis had no idea about Bollywood nor had she watched any film whiich was one of the major reason she said yes to her debut film. She says, ""It was only when we started doing promotions that I realised how famous Ranbir was. People were crying and ripping his clothes off and throwing stuff at him."

    Her Food Palate

    The girl has eaten it all, from alligator, frogs, snails to chocolate-covered ants.

    Her Personality

    Contrary to her image Nargis is quite a shy person with a awesome sense of humour.

    Her Gypsy Lifestyle

    She says, "I was really tall and skinny. Everyone would say I should be a model. I realised that I had to make a living to get to travel. My mom insisted on me finishing college - a degree in psychology and fine arts. After I did that, I started modelling in 2005, which gave me the opportunity to visit places and stay away from home for long periods. I would choose places on the map that looked interesting and then I'd see if they had agencies and send my portfolio there. Even if they didn't want me I'd go over if I loved the place, and once they met me they would fall in love and I'd get the job! I would stay for a minimum 
of three months in every country
I visited. Sometimes up to a year."

    Her Ex Boyfriend

    I met my ex-boyfriend at a nightclub and fell in love after six months of dating. We moved in together for four years, had a house, a dog, cars... it was absolutely picture perfect. He told my mom that he wanted to propose to me. But I wasn't ready. I felt like I had more to do in life. I needed to keep travelling; I wanted more than a picture-perfect life. I wanted adventure, uncertainty and excitement. So I packed my bags and left. That was eight years ago, and I don't regret it one bit. See what happens if you take a chance - you become a Bollywood star!

    Her Plan To Never Marry

    She says, "I am a very independent woman. I make my own money, have an education. I'm well travelled and cultured. I don't feel marriage is a necessity. I have seen way too many unhappy married couples in my life. I've never encountered a single marriage that has made me want to buy into the institution. I'm not saying I don't need love. I do, but I'd rather focus on my career and myself right now. I won't compromise, so I don't know if I would ever marry."

    Her Lifestyle In Bombay Now

    Nargis who used to party all night in Barcelone is now asleep by 9 and leads a very low-key life style in Bombay and spends time watching Bolylwood movies. Nargis hasn't watched her namesake in any romances yet but she has cried many a tissue box over her in Mother India. Kahaani's the first film she ever watched twice, and English Vinglish made her weep buckets. She said,"I wake up in the morning with a bed full of booger-tissues. And I'm such a sap, I cry when I see a cute kid or puppy. So yeah, those movies, they got me."

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