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Most Embarassing Movies Of Bollywood Divas

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Every actor and actress has made some or the other mistake in their profession, everyone can't be perfect and the same applies to these Bollywood divas. Actresses who are ruling the roost these days have ended up doing the most embarrassing movies in the recent months.

For example Deepika Padukone's casting in the movie Kochadaiiyaan has been questioned by everyone, the critics, the fans and the industry all feel that her presence was not needed at all. Her animated version seed quite ugly, this gorgeous beauty was looking weird and dark and short in her animated version. Deepika is known for her smile, her intense acting and her beautiful expression but none of this was emoted well on screen due to the bad animation. If this was not enough the actress who is the queen of Bollywood and has given six back to back hits was seen in a very small role.

Seeing the length of the role she might as well be cast as a guest role than announcing her as the lead. Apart from a fight sequence and weird dance moves, she had nothing to do in the movie. Similarly an actress like Kangana Ranaut who gave a brilliant performance in Queen was seen in a dud picture Rajjo. The movie was plain embarrassing on Kangana's part.

After seeing these movies the actresses probably went like, "What, in God's green earth, was I thinking?" To be fair, every actor has had their share of bad movies in their career. However we are listing out the most embarrassing movies of the Bollywood divas...

Deepika Padukone - Kochadaiiyan

She is the hottest property of Bollywood right now - in fact, comparing her success to Jennifer Lawrence's in Hollywood is not a shot too far. She made three movies in 2013, each awesomely popular than the other. Then why, oh why, did she say yes to ‘Kochadaiiyan'? We concede that the movie is probably going to be a superhit, being a Rajinikanth movie and all that jazz - but admit it, the animations get you cringing. And the bits with Deepika in the trailer? Dear lord, we cringe on her behalf.

Kangana Ranaut – Rajjo

‘Queen' could not have come at a better time for Kangana Ranaut. It helped people forget the disaster that was called ‘Rajjo'. We almost pity her-the poor girl started out with so much potential, and then to be dragged down to the nadir of cinema with this excuse of a movie. True, the actress was not doing anything remotely interesting up till then. But ‘Rajjo' was about as modern as Rajesh Roshan's drill-holes-in-my-eardrums-please-god-now 90s soundtrack for ‘Krrish 3'.

Priyanka Chopra – ‘Krrish 3’

Which brings us to this. Before you start, yes, ‘Krrish 3' was a superhit superhero film. Yes, Hrithik Roshan is just the shizz. But Priyanka Chopra had dazzled us with such brilliant performances in her career up till then - with ‘Barfi!' and ‘Saat Khoon Maaf', that the only reason she signed this movie must have been for the money. When you are expanding your acting prowess, you just do not choose to be a non-entity in a big budget film, girl. The day we saw Priyanka doing ‘God Allah Aur Bhagwaan' between two Hrithiks, we lost our respect for the Desi Girl.

Vidya Balan – Ghanchakkar

Vidya Balan in ‘Ghanchakkar' was so wrong! How do I tell thee, let me count the ways... First, Vidya Balan's attempt at hardcore comedy failed hard - she was just being nasal and loud. As were her clothes, which is the second thing. She had never been known for her elegant wardrobe - onscreen or offscreen, but this movie was of a different league altogether. Third and last, all those who thought her Punjabi accent in the movie was embarrassingly forced, raise your hands. I rest my case.

Mallika Sherawat – Hisss

We thought that this snake-woman, Nagmani, reptilian romance and vendetta is so 1986. Apparently we were wrong. Combine the false genius of an unknown Hollywood director and the desperation of a flailing Bollywood actress - and by the power of ‘lights, camera and action', you get ‘Hisss'. To be fair, Mallika was having a good run in Bollywood with ‘Ugly Aur Pagli' and ‘Welcome'. We do not understand why she had to become a creepy snake to try slither up the popularity scale. Epic fail!

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