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Raja Natwarlal: 10 Reasons Why This Movie May Flop Big Time

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    Raja Natwarlal starring Emraan Hasmi and Humaima Malik is releasing tomorrow and the film has failed to grab the attention of the movie goers. In spite of serial kisser's presence in the movie, Raja Natwarlal seems to be lacking some X factor.

    It is a movie based on a con-man, which is one of  the most tried and tested formulas of Bollywood. Some have managed to click and some have not and the major factor of such movies clicking is the X factor. Raja Natwarlal seems to be failing in many categories and is thereby giving a lot of hints that it may end up as big flop movie.

    Raja and Raghav are partners in crime who hustle their way through the city of Mumbai and live off their meager cons. During one such con, Raghav is murdered and Raja's life takes a grave turn instigating him to avenge the killers of his best friend and partner. On his journey of revenge, he decides to team up with Yogi who is a senior con artist but has been on a self imposed sabbatical.

    Raja after much persuasion is able to convince Yogi that its imperative for him to avenge his partner's death and the person responsible is an influential and powerful man named, Varda. Along with a team, Raja and Yogi work together to pull of one massive con that will bring all of Varda's riches and reputation to the ground. They face many twists and turns leading up to the final stage; but do they make it or will the final con act fall apart is what encompasses the plot.

    Did it impress you? Beacuase it din't appeal to me, here are ten major reasons why this movie has failed to impress me and why I feel the movie may flop big time. Read on and see if you agree.


    The movie doesn't seem like it is offering anything new to the audience.

    No Chemistry

    The couple don't seem to be sharing such good chemistry on-screen and there by make us feel rather dull and disinterested.


    The actress is talented, there is no doubt about that but there is no x factor in the actress which would draw the audience to the theater.

    Emraan Hashmi

    Emraan is trying out some new genre of movie but somewhere he has failed to appeal to us like before.


    Emraan's movies usually have the best chart-bursting numbers but the music score of this movie wasn't that appealing.

    Weak Plot

    There are many movie based on con-man in Bollywood and based on the trailer, there was nothing gripping in the story line as well.

    No Innovative Marketing

    While the team tried a lot of different marketing strategies, none managed to pull in the crowd. The promotions were rather dull and low-scale, had the team promoted it with a little more enthusiasm then may be things would have been far more appealing.

    Bored Of Kissing Scene

    The actor has got famous for kissing scenes which do pull in the crowd but how many times. The actor has to employ a different strategy and stop with the kissing scenes.

    Director Kunal

    The director has given us hit films like Jannat and Jannat 2 and somewhere the public feels this will another Jannat 3 but with a different name.

    Weak Trailer

    If a movie has to grab hold the attention of movie goers then the trailer has to be gripping and entertaining. If the trailer fails to impress the audience then the team has failed to draw them to the theaters.

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