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Most Hilarious And Ridiculous Bollywood Songs

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Bollywood is filled with some of the most ridiculous songs you can come across. This definitely helps us in situations where we need an opportunity to laugh, ridicule and chill out. Today we are going to list out some of the most ridiculous, funniest and hilarious Bollywood Hindi songs.

Ever paid attention to the lyrics of the songs or are you just too overjoyed with the music that you barely pay attention to the lyrics. If this is the case, I suggest you to take some time off and pay attention to the lyrics. Recently while suffering the net I came across a song like 'Main layaa hoon chooha apna, kaha hai teri choohi' ( I have bought my rat, where is your lady rat or whatever) and I was left aghast! I was stunned and didn't know if this was a joke or if there was actually such a song.

Turns out this song does exist, it's a song of Saif Ali Khan in the movie Yaar Gaddar which also stars Mithun Chakraborty. If you thought the lyrics was ridiculous then try searching for the video link and take a look at the song, you'll shocked! Saif actually removes a rat out of his pocket and runs behind the girl. This song manages to win all the worst categories possible, the song as Saif shaking his bum, doing chest bumps with the leading lady and don't know for what reason but through out the song he carries this pregnant man look.

Gosh, I was literally ROFLMAO (rolling on the floor laughing my a** off)! Music directors have been bombarding us with foot-tapping songs that hide embarrassingly dim-witted, meaningless lyrics! So read on to find out more such ridiculous and ludicrous lyrics of Hindi songs. While some will manage to make you laugh, most of them will make you go - WTF!

10 most ridiculous songs of Bollywood...


Saif Ali Khan was probably in the lowest phase of his career and so he sings to his leading lady, "Main layaa hoon chooha apna, kaha hai teri choohi". And then he pulls out a rat out of his pants and runs after the girl. The entire song is full of double-meaning and I'm scandalized! And the chorus goes like "Obama Obama Obama Obama".


Aiyya was such a disappointment. The movie was manifested as an out and out film about women's sexuality but honestly, I just could not grasp what the makers wanted to show. Adding onto that is this mad supposedly sensual yet comic yet romantic song with crazy lyrics... I literally don't know what to do after this !


"Anda" in Hindi means egg and "Funda" is short for Fundamental. So there you go - The fundamentals of an egg. Any song dedicated to an egg doesn´t need any explanation.


Sucking the blood out of you? Yes, Khoon Choos Le literally does that. This is a song where you can see the male protagonists lipsyncing to a female voice. A very first ‘Anti-Monday Anthem' that cribs about going to office on a Monday & with some absurd lyrics "Kaan Khujana Ungli Ghusaad Ke"!


Witness Chunky Pandey's 80′s "magic"! The maina-tota lyrics are so random but after a thorough research (yes, I did do a research on this number), I figured that it's originally taken from a marathi song "Navin popat ha lagla mithu mithu bolayala". Honestly, this song is not too bad at all. Sung with much enthusiasm and gusto by Kishore Kumar and S Janaki, this song was a superhit in the 80s. But there is something ridiculously funny about the picturization. Perhaps it was the funny choreography or animated (but cute) expressions of Neelam and Chunky? Not sure, but this did put a smile on my face. Well, eventually!


If the show the bride puts up for her groom, his family and her own in the video isn't outrageous enough, you must carefully listen to the lyrics. The girl goes on and on about her ‘hot hot armaan' regarding the eight kids she wants to give birth to as a sign of love (how exactly, we wonder). We understand that she cannot wait to excite and then ‘bite' him, but we really didn't need to hear that. The lyrics are outrightly crass and inappropriate to say the least. It is the hilarious video that gets to you, etching the ridiculous song in your mind.


Another Honey Singh song. This one claims its own territory of meaninglessness with it's very first line ‘Oh mother father listen up!' Honey Singh raps in his famous style saying ‘C'mon baby don't be mean', a line as unnecessary as Uday Chopra to this world. The female singer isn't far behind. ‘Boss khiladi hai, sexy body hai, Boss tu hottie hai thoda naughty hai' but one thing she forgot to mention is that ‘Boss over forty hai'. Just like every other Honey Singh song, hate it all you want it'll get to you just in time.


Batata Vadaaaa, batata Vada, Dil nahin dena tha dena pada
Batata Vadaaaa, batata Vada, Pyar nahin karna tha karna pada. This translates to Batata Vada, I didn't want to give my heart, but had to give; Batata Vada, I didn't want to love, but had to love). Really? Batada Vada is listening to all this?


aa Haa...Aa Aa Ee Ee Uu Uu A Aai!Udi Baba Udi Baba Udi Baba(This is repeated 5 times)Nasha Yeh Kaisa Udi Baba, Mujhe Ho Gaya Udi Baba and the torture continues. In the end you have a lesson in Hindi alphaphets.


Sridevi:"Ueeamma, Ueeamma, mushkil ye kya ho gayi,

Jeetendra:Tere badan se toofan utha jo, sari hawa ho gayi

(S: Uiamma, Uiamma, what the hell has happened?

J: A storm has arisen from your body and blown off your Sari

.... No words!!!

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