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There Is No Age For Romance: Vidya Balan

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    Vidya Balan is going to be seen in Bobby Jasoos. The talented actress is one of the versatile stars in the industry who has tried different roles in her Bollywood career which makes us fall in love with the curvy actress again and again.

    Vidya has always done something which is unique and looks different as well. For example, in Bobby Jasoos, the actress is playing the role of a female detective which is really new on silver screen. The actress has tried many looks in the movie as well. She is indeed one actress who has got immense success by not just playing her patent role on silver screen.

    Here is an exclusive interview with the talented actress, Vidya Balan.

    Bobby Jasoos is the first movie where a woman is playing the role of a detective. There have been no movies in the past, and no novels are also written on female detectives. How hard was it to play a female detective?

    There were a few references on detectives, but I did not read them. Over the years, I have read many books and watched movies, took references from them itself. Bobby Jasoos' screenplay writer, Sanyukta Vhawla Shaikh might have researched a lot as she had given minute details in the script. I even called some detective agencies to know what type of questions they ask whenever a case comes in.

    The 12 roles you played in Bobby Jasoos are taken on what basis?

    We spent a lot of time to pick up 12 looks as all looks should vary from one another. It was not just sticking moutsache and beard to change you appearance. In fact, looks had to be so different that no one could recognise. That is why, we picked up clerk, Maulvi, astrologer, beggar and some female characters. In one film, I played different characters which is a very good opportunity.

    There is no Bollywood movie on female detectives. Didn't you find it risky?

    Bobby Jasoos has all the elements which you can watch with your family and enjoy as well. I can watch this film with my family. It is a clean family entertainer. When talking about risk, I never think about it. I never think that no one has done it so I might fail.

    Ali is a junior artist. You never had issues with the casting?

    To be honest, I have never seen his films before, and had no clue about who he is. Producer Sahil Sangha was satisfied with the cast and crew, and if the producer is happy, then I don't think about casting. We did many workshops during which Ali and I as well as the whole crew developed a good relationship. We all came to know each other, and working together was really comfortable. When it comes to acting, Ali is a good and handsome actor.

    How was the experience romancing a young actor?

    (Laughing) When we romance on sets, we do not feel anything. Moreover, there is no age for romance. While shooting, we only need to remember that the shot is good, rest things like age and all doesn't matter. I had no problems working with a young actor.

    What made you build interest in this role? Do you love reading detective books?

    Detective films are very entertaining. I haven't read any such books in my childhood, but I loved the script of Bobby Jasoos as it is not just a detective story but has many emotions as well. Bobby Jasoos is also a story of a girl from a small village in Hyderabad who wants to become the best detective in her area. She doesn't dream of becoming the best detective in the country. Like other detective films, the movie is a thriller and the girl is very entertaining. In short, she is a Pataka!

    How did your family react seeing you playing different characters?

    Family did not believe, but when they saw it for the first time, they just loved it. When I was shooting in Hyderabad, people knew I was shooting for a film called Bobby Jasoos, but had no idea about what is there in the film. The first time a pic of Bobby Jasoos was published, my father saw it and said, there is something in it. He felt he has seen the girl somewhere. When he read my name in the headline, he was surprised and happy as well. Everyone in the family appreciated it.

    You have worked with Dia as an actor. How does it feel working with her who is the Producer of the film, Bobby Jasoos?

    We have worked together as an actor in the past. Although we worked in movies together, we never shared a scene together. However, we met on the sets and Dia is a very good person and a good producer as well. You can't call us friends but we have developed a close bond. I can't believe this is their (Dia and Sahil) second film together as Producers. Actors management is a producers job and both are very good in it. We shot Bobby for in 50 days. For about 45 days we were away from our families but never felt when will the shooting get over. The whole cast and crew enjoyed a lot.

    Out of the 12 characters, name one simple and one difficult character.

    Playing the role of a Maulvi was not difficult but challenging. For this look, they applied something on my nose to make it look thick. Running with it on the nose was really tricky. Playing an astrologer was really interesting.

    You are one actress in the industry who always plays a different role. Are you trying to separate yourself from stereotypical characters and films?

    I am one such person who gets bored very easily. This is the reason why I always opt for different roles. For me an actor is someone who lives the life of an individual. After 7 years in the industry, I am realising that I am getting different characters and films. The change started after Paa and Ishqiya. Whatever offers I get, I try my best to pick up the best ones.

    Do you feel that slowly the characters on-screen are getting real?

    I can feel that things are changing, but these changes come gradually. Although 95% people are making films on those same stereotypical stories, there is a 5% of them who are tying something different. Bobby is a detective that doesn't mean she has to be stylish or fast. It is the story of a real girl who is not trained also. She is not even like Sherlock Holmes. So, these days characters are slowly getting real and connecting with a layman.

    Which Bollywood actress you feel is passionate about working in offbeat films?

    I think Kangana is one such actress who tries to work offbeat. Although I have not seen Queen yet, but whatever I heard till now, the actress played a brilliant role. I remember I saw Fashion about 6 years back and since then I started liking Kangana. I think she is a bold and strong actress. Seeing her work and films makes me really happy.

    Talking about Kangana, the actress has always demanded to get equivalent pay like the male actors. Is there is any improvement in this?

    There is a raise in the fees of actresses. However, when we compare with the male actors, there is still a gap. But I feel that why should we compare. We will get our rights and we have gone further. Actresses also play a crucial role in the success of the film and they too deserve a good pay.

    You said you want to spy on Amitabh Bachchan. What is the reason behind it?

    People used to ask me which Bollywood celebrity would I like to spy on. So I decided to choose one name and use it every time. And I think there are many things related to Mr Bachchan which we all do not know. For the past 40 years, he has been a superstar of Bollywood and even now movies do well with his name! When I saw the promo of Sarkar, I knew that the hand was of Amitabh ji. So we know a lot about Amitabh, but still don't know many things.

    Would you like to spy on your hubby, Siddharth?

    I don't want to spy on him, but I think I want to see him working. Want to see how he reacts when he is angry, how he talks to people and many other things. Although we stay together and know each other, I don't know how he is while working. His friends tell me everything, but I want to see once.

    For sometime there have been pregnancy rumours. How do you react to it?

    I only laugh on such rumours. I don't know how to explain them that I don't want to become a mother now and it is not possible. People ask me every month if I am pregnant, and I deny. Still next month they will ask again. So, now I only feel like laughing on these things.

    Khans are ruling the industry at the moment, and you have never worked with them. Shall we see you working with Khan on-screen?

    The truth is, whenever I get a script having Khans in which role is also strong, then I will surely do it. In my career, I have never said whom I want to work with and not to. I just see what role I am playing in the movie. I do films only on the basis of the story. I don't care who else is in the film.

    Actresses feel a change after marriage. Do you feel things have changed for you as well?

    I have said many times that I haven't felt some big change in my life post-marriage. I have always stayed with my parents and now with Sid. So I don't know how it feels staying with someone else. But we both are almost similar and never complain as well. We never try to change each other, rather respect each others' work.

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