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Arjun Kapoor: Uncomfortable Romancing In Front Of His Father

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We have seen him as an Ishaqzaade as well as a Gunday. In one movie, he lays down his life for his beloved, while on the other, he does not hesitate to point a gun at his beloved. He now comes across to us an IIM student who has fallen for a beautiful girl Ananya Swaminathan. We are talking about the young, dashing, handsome and talented Arjun Kapoor who has become the heartthrob of many. This year saw the release of his Gunday which is now followed by 2 States, based on a Chetan Bhagat's novel of the same name. 2 States will hit box office on April 18. In an interview with OneIndia, Arjun Kapoor, among other things, talks about the absence of romance in his life.

How similar or different are Krish and Arjun?

To a very great extent, I can relate to the character of Krish. While Krish is a very simple natured guy, I am very impulsive. Krish is more educated than me. He is a very quiet person and can fall in love while I know nothing about love. I am still trying to figure out how one falls in love and how to love someone.

So why hasn't Arjun been in love yet?

It's not that I have decided not to be in love. It's just that the moment has not yet come when I could fall in love with someone. I have been more concerned about my career and want to achieve my goals for which I have had to struggle a lot, to a great extent putting my personal life aside. It's been two years now and I have not been able to make time out for myself. Varun is a very close friend but I haven't got the time to watch his Main Tera Hero. You can imagine if I cannot make time for my friends, how much time can I give to love.

During Gunday, you had mentioned that you cannot say 'I love you' with a flower. Your characters in both Gunday and Ishaqzaade portrayed very intense lovers. You now play a simple, lovable guy in a cute love story in 2 States. Has this brought about any kind of change in you?

I still cannot say I love you to anyone. Besides I believe that by simply saying I love you, you cannot prove your love for anyone. Each one of us has a very personal and different way of expressing love. It is true that the way Krish expresses his love is very different, while Ishaqzaade and Gunday had a very different take on love. When it comes to love in 2 States, you can believe in it. While watching the film, you will be able to relate to the character with the real world. The romance here is not filmy.

You feel that the romance in 2 States is not filmy. Tell us something about this love story.

After being in a live-in relationship for two years, Ananya asks 'Now what?' Krish says he needs to get a good job. Once again Annya asks 'What after that?' At that moment, Krish does not realise anything, but next day, he realises that they need to get married. It's like a typical middle class family where you first graduate and then get a job and finally marry. The special thing about 2 States is that you can relate to it. You may find your story or your friend's story in it.

Have you read 2 States?

No, I have not read 2 States. After the film was completed, Chetan Bhagat said, 'read the book at least now.' But I haven't yet got time for that. Before Ishaqzaade released, Karan Johar gave me the script for 2 States and asked me if I would do it. When I read the script, I found that I could relate to the character and I called Karan Johar accepting the offer. I found the vision of the film to be very truthful, something one can believe in. It is not a romantic comedy that is difficult to believe. When I met Abhishek Verman (director of the movie) and told him that I had not read the novel, he said don't read it now and play the character you own way.

Your character in 2 States is a very quiet and calm kind of person. You have also said that it was easy for you to relate to it. So does that mean that portraying Krish has been easier compared to your earlier characters?

For Gunday and Ishaqzaade, an environment was created according to the 20th century. The atmosphere and surroundings were created to make it believable for the audience. But with 2 States, everything is common and normal. Things like dresses and everything else is so real that you won't feel we have created anything and that makes it easy to believe. When you are playing a character with a loud and angry voice, it is easier. It becomes a little difficult to play a character that is more calm and peaceful than yourself. Krish talks in a very calm and composed manner. I have been shooting for Gunday and 2 States simultaneously. On one hand, I would be killing my lover, while on the other hand I would be telling Ananya something loving like 'tumhare right gaal ke left side par jo til hai uspar mera dil aa gaya hai. I want to kiss you.'

There has been quite a lot of buzz about Alia and your kiss in 2 States. What do you have to say about it?

We talked about it because people asked us to. The promos of the film run for two and a half minutes but this was the only thing that was noticed and talked about. We did not make a big issue out of it, so why blame us? Had it been a big issue, we would never have talked about it. In fact, now we have started cracking jokes about it. Recently, in Dubai, when someone asked about the most difficult part of the film and I said, 'kissing Alia'. I knew this would make the headlines and so I said it. We also know that people will not come to watch
2 States because of the kiss but because they will have liked the promos, the songs and our looks.

You have worked with Parineeti Chopra and now Alia Bhatt. They are both the youngest in Bollywood and considered to be competitors. When comparing the two, what would be your opinion?

I don't think it is good to compare two actresses. Just as Ranveer Singh and I are different, similarly Alia and Parineeti are different. Alia is an actress who is yet to realise her capabilities. She is a lovely actress and is still exploring herself. People have seen her in Highway now, but I got to see her talent when we were doing 2 States. She is an intelligent person, uses her brains and works accordingly. One thing very good about her is that she does not care about how she is looking. I have never seen her with a mirror complaining about her hair not being in place or makeup not being proper.

What would you say about Parineeti?

I started working with Parineeti after she had done Ladies vs Ricky Bahl. She worked a lot for her character in Ishaqzaade and gave her hundred per cent. She was aware that this was an opportunity of a lifetime. She had a tough and difficult character to play in Ishaqzaade. After a long time such a character had come along. When I worked with Parineeti, she was aware of many things and understood things better. She knew that she had to work very hard. Neither was she from a film background nor had she been given a break by a Karan Johar film. Both actresses are very different.

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You are working with your father for the first time. How was the experience? What have you got to say about his film Mr. India which is still fresh in everyone's hearts?

I am a big fan of Mr. India. It is one of my favorite films. It has memorable special effects and emotions and excellent visual effects. The kind of effects seen in Hollywood movies was shown in Mr. India long back. This is a very inspiring film and I wish I could have been a part of this film. I am proud of the fact that my father made such a film. This film (Tevar) is a very normal film. With Tevar, he is neither making nor spoiling my career. He trusts me and knows that I am giving my best. He is not putting any kind of pressure on me

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Does your father give you any kind of tips during the shooting of Tevar?

On the sets, I am allowed to work as I can. I am not told what to do and what not to do. I am happy that the film is being made exactly like my father makes it. Tevar is an out-and-out masala film and I hope the audience will like it. He is making a film with his son who is also an actor. It is a very special feeling.

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In these four years of being an actor, how much change have you been able to notice in yourself? What degree of improvement do you find in yourself?

I have always worked on my acting and character. It is also true that when I see my acting after a gap of six months, I realise that it could have been done in a different manner. But then you cannot change anything then. And this happens with all of us. While shooting, we give our best and at the same time get better day by day. This does not mean that we did not work hard then. I have always tried to bring out my directors thoughts and expression on to the screen, although later I may realise that I could have done it better. It is difficult to say how much I have improved over the years because I am getting better every day. Where I used to take six takes, I now take two takes.

Arjun Kapoor Interview

New actors are entering the industry every day. Do you feel insecure in any manner?

I am insecure everyday feeling whether I am giving my best or not. I do not get insecure because of someone else's good performance. I feel that a person is not secured only when he does not have confidence in himself. This is an industry where your fan following increases every day and people appreciate you. I have just learnt to walk here. With Gunday and 2 States coming in one year, this is proven that I can handle two different types of roles simultaneously.

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While shooting a romantic scene with Sonakshi Sinha for Tevar, did your father's presence on the sets make you a little uncomfortable?

He was not on the sets when I was shooting with Sonakshi. I am playing the character of Pintoo. In real life, if I am flirting with someone and my father comes along, I will feel uncomfortable but here I was playing a character. This is not real life. He knows that this is a scene and nothing else. I am not doing any kind of timepass. If I start getting conscious on the sets, then I am in the wrong field.

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Tell us about the most comfortable and most difficult thing in 2 States.

You cannot label a complete day as comfortable or difficult. It is like a journey where every day has its comforts and discomforts. We have worked very hard throughout. Every day has been easy and every day has been difficult. At times, it even became difficult to deliver a very simple dialogue.

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